I44: A Bedtime Story, by Invasion 1944 Mod.

(Updated May 1, 2003)

Download I44: A Bedtime Story (469 KB)

A Bedtime Story was originally produced for the old Invasion 1944 Mini Demo by the Invasion 1944 (I44) Mod team. I've simply adapted the mission to the April 2003 Invasion 1944 Demo because, so far, the I44 team hasn't, though I hear that they will do so shortly. But why wait till tomorrow when it's already around today, right?

The story line is simple: ambush German relief forces during Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily). You'll be leading a squad head-on into oncoming German infantry. It's dark outside, so watch who you're shooting at. Tsk! Tsk! No night vision goggles back in the 40's.

This is not a simple mission. You'll need alertness, good marksmanship and experienced command skills to succeed in stopping the Germans from overrunning your position. Good luck!

UPDATE: 2003/04/30 - Version 1.1: Mission now plays on the I44 Demo's Sicily Island. Town names in the briefing and text dialogue messages have been changed to reflect this.