I44: AndOne's Test Mission, by AndOne.

Download I44: AndOne's Test Mission (1,319 KB)

Here's a sample mission, by OFP veteran AndOne, that he originally released for the old Invasion 1944 Mod's Mini Demo and that yours truly has adapted to the new Invasion 1944 Mod Demo. Since this mission uses Nogova Island, you'll need OFP: Resistance to play it.

As the mission's name implies, this is a test mission, mainly designed to let you experience using the Invasion 1944 mod. However, AndOne has decorated the mission with cutscenes, custom music, sound effects and lip-synched voices. The combination of using an interesting addon and producing an elementary yet entertaining experience makes it worth including this mission at MOM.

It's all very simply. You're in charge of a small US squad that has to overtake the nearby village, occupied by the Germans. Nothing too difficult but watch your six!