Invasion 1944 Demo, by Invasion 1944 Mod.

(Updated September 30, 2003)

Download Invasion 1944 Demo (68,028 KB)
Download Invasion 1944 Demo V1.0 to V1.2 Update (42,113 KB)

Say bye-bye to the old Invasion 1944 (I44) mini demo and shout a big hello to I44's new big, bold and beautiful demo! Yes, it's got some bugs but it is an awesome demo, capable of bringing WWII missions to OFP right here and now! Just take a look at this soldier and weapons units list (from version 1.0 of the demo) - and that doesn't even include the terrific tanks, half-tracks, APCs and jeeps as well as missions and a mini-campaign that comes along with the demo.

I highly recommend that you install the demo addons files in a separate -mod folder. Mixing I44's addons with many older WWII addons might cause all sorts of problems. If you've got OFP version 1.46, make sure you download and install the small addendum file, too.

I44 - it can only get better!

UPDATE: 2003/09/30 - Page now refers to I44 Demo V1.2.