I44: Helping Out, by HyperBart.

Download I44: Helping Out (741 KB)

(Updated May 14, 2003)

Little did I know that when I wished that HyperBart would keep his mission making rolling, that he would come through so swiftly, just after putting out his converted OFP mission series for the Invasion 1944 Mod Demo's WWII units. This mission, Helping Out, is not a conversion. It's a made-from-scratch mission. The mission is simplistic and not hard to play yet there's a good story line, a decent amount of action, coordinated triggering, custom music and sounds and multiple endings.

It appears that OFP 1985's Corporal. Fowley had a father in WWII who was just like him. Our man Fowley has radioed in that he's crashed his jeep southwest of  Visinni. Head on over with your commander, Lieutenant Berghoff (hey, another familiar name) to help Fowley out. Or is it too late? I'll just tell you that you're not going to spend your time changing flat tires and that the only BAR you're going to need is not a crowbar.

You should be able to finish this mission successfully within 15-20 minutes. You will the Invasion 1944 Mod Demo to play.