I44: HyperBart's Converted OFP Missions, by HyperBart.

(Updated May 26, 2003)

Download I44: Alert (1,172 KB)
Download I44: Battlefields (122 KB)
Download I44: Bomberman (369 KB)
Download I44: Camping (1,037 KB)
Download I44: Clean Sweep (316 KB)
Download I44: Clean Sweep II (234 KB)
Download I44: Combined Arms (1,075 KB)
Download I44: Convoy (363 KB)
Download I44: Counterstrike (688 KB)
Download I44: Defender (343 KB)
Download I44: Guardian (759 KB)
Download I44: Incursion (164 KB)
Download I44: Interdiction (1,036 KB)
Download I44: Revenge (69 KB)
Download I44: Scouting (436 KB)
Download I44: Sniper (291 KB)
Download I44: Taking Command (1,655 KB)
Download I44: Turning The Tide (469 KB)
Download I44: War Cry (1,678 KB)

It was bound to happen and OFP mission maker HyperBart was glad to oblige - and so quickly, too! He simply and accurately took many of OFP's official SP and 1985 Cold War Crisis Campaign missions that are based on infantry and armor battles and converted all the units therein to the Invasion 1944 Mod Demo's WWII units.

Playing these classic OFP mission again in a WWII context is refreshing. You might already know the plot and the objectives but using a whole new mix of soldiers, weapons and vehicles just completely sets your frame of mind  60 or so years back to the past.

I took one star off from MOM's maximum three star ranking because - hey - I wanted to do this! And, let's be honest, these are truly BIS' original creative works.

Thanks, HyperBart. Keep 'em rolling!

UPDATE: 2003/05/26 - Added mission I44: War Cry.

UPDATE: 2003/05/14 - Updated missions I44: Bomberman and I44: Clean Sweep.

UPDATE: 2003/05/13 - Updated mission I44: Revenge.

UPDATE: 2003/05/12 - Added missions I44: Bomberman and I44: Clean Sweep II.

UPDATE: 2003/05/11 - Added missions I44: Clean Sweep and I44: Sniper.

UPDATE: 2003/05/08 - Added mission I44: Incursion.

UPDATE: 2003/05/07 - Added missions I44: Defender and I44: Interdiction.

UPDATE: 2003/05/05 - Missions Alert, Camping, Combined Arms, Convoy and Revenge modified for minor corrections.

UPDATE: 2003/05/03 - All missions modified for minor corrections.

UPDATE: 2003/04/30 - Added missions I44: Revenge and I44: Convoy.