I44: Prison Camp 420, by Winters.

Download I44: Prison Camp 420 (1,000 KB)

Even before I was selected to be a beta tester for the Invasion 1944 (I44) Mod Team, I found it hard to stop playing missions using I44's amazing WWII addons. I think master mission maker and prior MOM winner Winters has been bitten by the same bug. In fact, he's an I44 beta tester, too!

I don't know how he finds the time but Winters slapped together a great mission that can be played either as an SP or as an MP coop mission. When played in MP, you can choose to play either the Allies or the Germans. For this review, I played the Allied commander in SP. Be aware that the mission's name appears in OFP's mission list under its German name "Das Gefangenlager". It takes place on I44's Sicily Island map.

The story goes that some clumsy scouts from the 82nd Airborne have been captured by the Germans and taken to Prison Camp 420, located on a small island off the southeast coast of Sicily. If you're playing the allies, you'll drop in south of the prison, along with two other AI controlled squads. You'll be up against a well armed enemy and the Germans don't like to waste bullets. They've also got some vehicles and I can tell you now that I'm not talking about Kubelwagons.

The most complicated thing about making this mission appears to be the excellent intro cutscene, with the theme song from the movie The Great Escape playing as you parachute down not far from the enemy. Nevertheless, although it's a simply designed mission, it packs a lot of good action. The Germans are no pushovers, that's for sure. There are so many ways to carry out the prisoner rescue> I find the mission highly replayable.

To play, you'll need OFP version 1.75 or higher, the Invasion 1944 Mod Demo and Kegetys' Editor Addon.