I44: Steal the Kommand Car, by The Avon Lady.

(Updated May 1, 2003)

Download I44: Steal the Kommand Car (546 KB)

I'm enjoying the April 2003 released Invasion 1944 Demo. So I took my previously produced Steal The Kommand Car Mission, that was for the old Invasion 1944 Mini Demo, and adapted it to run with the newer Invasion 1944 Demo.

If the mission name sounds familiar, it should be. That's because all I did was to adapt BIS' original Steal the Car SP mission to use WWII units from the Invasion 1944 Demo. What a simple idea! I could give myself a three star rating but 1) this is really just a variant of a classic mission produced by BIS, and 2) I'm much too humble.

So, you'll be tossing away your M16 and toting an M1 Garand rifle instead. And there isn't a Russian to be found in town anymore. And you can forget about looking for a UAZ. They weren't invented yet! You have to steal a German Kubelwagon instead. Oh! I've sprinkled a few more enemies around town than were present in the original Steal the Car mission. That's my idea of fun, you see.

This mission should work with any version of OFP, from 1.46 and above. The mission lets you choose from two additional primary weapons: the BAR machine gun and the Thompson submachine gun. The MGs are selectable from the mission briefing's WEAPONS tab.

UPDATE: 2003/04/30 - Version 1.1: Mission now plays on the I44 Demo's Sicily Island. Town names in the briefing and text dialogue messages have been changed to reflect this.