I44: We Stand Alone Together, by Winters.

(Updated September 30, 2003)

Download I44: We Stand Alone, Together (2,382 KB)

There's no rule at MOM that a single mission maker can't garner so many awards. Make good missions and you get good reviews. And that's just what master mission maker Winters does so well.

You'll play Captain Richard Winters, commanding Easy Company of the 101st Airborne Division, ala Band Of Brothers. Several platoons, including yours, are being dropped by C47 air transports near the town of La Trinite, France. It's a beautiful day above but there's war and carnage on the ground below.

You're in command of a well equipped squad but don't let that give you any false optimism. Even with the help of two other platoons attacking the town, the Germans are not going down as planned. Worse, it turns out that there armor units in La Trinite are more effective than anticipated.

This mission really has the feel of WWII. OFP's town La Trinite on Malden Island is the perfect scenario for a WWII mission. Mission maker Winters makes great use of anti-tank barricades, barbed wire and MG nests to enhance the atmosphere even more. Throw in the C47 planes, a great intro cutscene and tons of Invasion 1944 Mod Demo infantry and armor units in just the right places and strengths and you've got one great mission.

To play this fantastic mission, you'll need OFP version 1.90 or higher and the following addons:

UPDATE: 2003/09/30 - Page now refers to the mission's latest version, requiring V1.2 of the I44 Demo.