Missing in Inaction, by Ian Bremner.

Download Missing in Inaction (3,664 KB)

First a technical note. I recompiled this mission's PBO file with OFP: Resistance's mission editor so that no addon error messages would appear and cause OFP: Resistance to skip the introductory cutscene. As such, while the original mission PBO file worked with OFP version 1.30, the version available here requires OFP: Resistance to run. For those of you that do not have OFP: Resistance, I have included the original MISSION.SQM file in the download. View the mission's README file for my notes regarding repacking the PBO file to work with older OFP versions. I'm planning on correcting other mission PBO files available from MOM that require similar treatment. If you've got a problem with this, give me a shout. That doesn't mean that I'm definitely going to acquiesce to your cries and whimpers but it might just sway me to have pity on the poor and wretched amongst you.

This story starts off with two NATO soldiers who should've asked for directions. Driving their supply truck to La Pessagne, they find out the hard way that they should've delivered their cargo to La Trinite. I suppose that everything in French sounds the same to your average GI Joe.

Normally, this wouldn't be so bad except that La Pessagne was overrun by the Russians. Your job is to lead Alpha squad into La Pessagne to get these two dodos back to where they belong - at a court martial hearing, if you ask me.

Sounds simple enough. Even better, Bravo squad will be helping you out in taking La Pessagne back from Ivan. It should be a cinch, too, since intel says that there aren't that many Russians defending La Pessagne to begin with. Indeed, when you disembark from you Chinook just northeast of La Pessagne, a thorough scan of the area with your binocs will confirm that this should be a piece of cake.

So what's the catch? Is La Pessagne mined? Are there thirty BMPs just around the corner? A Soviet sniper platoon behind every tree and bush? Goths, Huns or Vikings wielding their axes and swords? Well, I'll be nice and tell you no to all of these but that's as much as you're gonna get outta me. Play the mission and find out.

In addition to OFP: Resistance, this mission requires Kegetys' Editor Addon for OFP: Resistance. The download file size reflects the use of custom voices used in the mission's cutscenes. While the voice files are not the best quality, the intro cutscene is entertaining.