Iron Wall, by TakeOffTim.

Download Iron Wall (3,241 KB)

I'm in tears. That's how amazingly fantastic this mission is. In a nutshell, I would describe the Iron Wall mission as Lego meets OFP. Read on and you'll see what I mean.

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! You are the the commander of a 12 member AT squad. You've been assigned orders to fortify La Pessagne on Malden Island against an imminent massive Soviet attack.

Fortify? How do you fortify anything in OFP? Aha! Master mission maker TakeOffTim has incorporated the ability for you to easily place sandbags, gun fortresses, tank traps, heavy MGs and ammo crates wherever you see fit, facing the direction you choose and all this is done with just two clicks of your keyboard's ENTER key. Wow!

And we're not finished there. Once you've radioed in that you're ready and the battle begins, you've got great action menu commands to order single or four round artillery salvos to be fired in the direction you're facing, at a range you select.

All this adds up to one very interesting OFP experience. You set up the defenses and get to call the shots as well.

If that's not enough of a mission making effort, the mission also includes custom voice dialogues in a well presented intro cutscene, plus additional special effects, such as damages vehicles burning in flames.

I'll give you only one hint about playing this mission: read the hint in the mission's README file.

I've minimally modified the mission's README file to reflect the mission's requirements: OFP: Resistance and Kegetys' Editor Addon.