Liberation Raid, by Yegor.

Download Liberation Raid (22 KB)

Not necessarily an original plot, Liberation Raid nevertheless packs a lot of gameplay and action.

Yes, once again one of our illustrious NATO pilots has been shot down and our officers taken captive. You're going to be dropped into central Malden via a civilian Cessna (someone we can rely on for a change). You'll be in commanding two fellas, an MG'er and an AT'er. You yourself will be packing your favorite M21 sniper rifle.

You're to rendezvous with the local resistance contact man, who will offer you a multiple choice quiz on how you're going to go about accomplishing your objective. Choose wisely. From here on in, you're on your own!

Just one lil' hint. From the moment you're dropped, you'll be in hostile territory. You're likely to bump into some of the hostiles if you don't keep your eyes peeled. Considering it's nightfall and you weren't issued NVGs, that'll be a little more strenuous than you would have wanted.

No README file came with the mission but it looks like no unofficial addons were used and that it can be played from OFP version 1.30 and up, possibly even from version 1.00.