Operation Lojack 2, by Toadlife.

(Updated May 18, 2003)

Download Operation Lojack 2 - BAS Rangers edition (4,782 KB)
Download Operation Lojack 2 - standard edition (4,781 KB)

It's a good thing veteran mission maker Toadlife just came out with version 2 of his classic mission, Operation Lojack, because I was eventually going to get down to reviewing the mission's original version. That would have been a pity, since Operation Lojack 2 is a much enhanced revision of the old version. This is not Toadlife's first time here at MOM. If you missed it, have a look at his earlier MOM entry, Dead By Dawn, while you're here.

Once again, Toadlife introduces another original gadget not seen in other OFP missions: a homing device and a receiver that picks up the former's signal and quickens the signal when facing in the right direction and as you approach closer to the device's location.

The plot is simple. A NATO officer on Kolgujev goes of to take a tinkle one evening and is captured by the local militants. Fortunately, the officer was carrying one of NATO's latest gadgets, a long range homing device. Intel has detected that apparently the officer has managed to turn it on and keep it concealed from his captors. You and your squad are to be airlifted in to Kolgujev to find and safely return the officer.

You can try to play this mission the easy way or the hard way. If you manage to avoid all contact with the enemy as you head towards the hostage's location, consider yourself lucky. The island is heavily patrolled and the enemy is always on alert. Chances are, however, that you will bump into someone along the way and this will most likely happen to you more than once.

You'll generally have a long way to go from your drop point to the hostage's location. The mission briefing suggests where you can pick up vehicles. Just remember that vehicles make for easy targets, especially when traveling on established roads and paths.

The mission is highly replayable. Toadlife has designed the mission to make the hostage's location different almost every time you play. Enemies will holler to their troops once they detect you, which can scare the wits out of you, if you thought the area was clear. In one case, I couldn't spot the enemy in a forest until one of them sneezed. There are lots of other highly polished treats sprinkled in this mission. Get it. You won't regret it.

This review is based on the BAS Rangers edition of Lojack 2. Why anyone would want to play the standard version is beyond me. You'll need OFP version 1.85 or greater to play.