Medevac, by TJ.

(Updated January 16, 2003)

Download Medevac (2,208 KB)

TJ's done it again! Another 3 star mission at MOM! The last one, Compromised, was quite entertaining through and through. In this one, the storyline is quite realistic and you'll need to prove that your commanding skills and your marksmanship can save your squad in a tight situation.

We're back in Vietnam, so you're going to need SEB Nam Pack 2 to play Medevac. The plot is simple. The realism is extreme. You're commanding a squad of marines that's going to provide cover to some injured buddies located in a clearing, until a medevac Huey arrives and airlifts you all out of harm's way.

That's the plot. Simple. Now lets see you defend your men and positions. Not so simple. You're quite outnumbered.

The losing outro cutscene is the best cutscene I've ever seen made. This is award winning work.

The mission download file includes both SP and MP coop versions of the mission.

One little hint that won't ruin your gameplay. When the mission starts, just run up to the men in the clearing you've come to protect. That'll join them to your squad.

The mission download file has been updated with a corrected version. Previously, player had problems getting all sqaud members to mount the Huey and the mission would never complete sucessfully.