SEB Nam Pack 2, by Ebud, Bibmi, Eviscerator and SelectThis.

Download SEB Nam Pack 2 (47,080 KB)

Good morning, Vietnam!

Yeh, I know, this is an addon, not a mission. So what's it doing at MOM, right? Stop asking stupid questions, soldier! The SEB master addon maker team has opened up a whole new arena of OFP gameplay with this great gift to the player community and you're concerned with trivialities?!

Nam Pack 2 comes with everything you need to experience the look and feel of the Vietnamese war in OFP. Included is Ia Trang Island, a beautifully done, large and varied piece of terrain for you to get shot on. No starched NATO uniforms here. You'll have your sleeves rolled up as you head off to junglefights against the North Vietnamese Army (NVA), who are a really nasty bunch of fellas. The pack includes a slew of infantry models, weapons and 10 helicopters, which include many variations of the Huey UH-1. Here's the pack's README file, if you wanna see for yourself. There are also a few sample missions included in the pack - one single player and a handful of multiplayer missions.

Is there anything wrong with Nam Pack 2? From an aesthetic point of view, no. From a technical point of view, there are a few glitches being reported here and there but overall it's very stable. To me, the biggest problem is that it seems to me that the enemy AI soldiers can see through many of the foliage objects on Ia Trang Island.

SelectThis has just announced that they're putting together a mission pack, consisting of missions submitted from all over the OFP mission making community. In the meantime, I'll also be reviewing Nam Pack 2 missions that I've been garnering from various corners of the OFP world. Stay tuned!

(IMPORTANT: The SEB Nam Pack 2's readme forgot to mention that you must also place file sebnam_1a.pbo into your AddOns folder).