NPD (Nogova Police Department), by Gameer_77.

Download NPD (291 KB)

Got Resistance? Then you've got an urban S.W.A.T. team at your disposal - the NPD! Nogova looks like such a mellow place. It may be a nice place to visit but, after seeing this mission, I wouldn't want to live there.

You're with the NPD and you're shacked up with your partner, Sammo, who is - how shall I put it - indispensable. There are bad guys on the island. You've got a hostage crisis to handle and them some.

I found the mission a bit too easy and quiet on the action, though I did need a hint from the mission maker to complete a certain mission step. More thugs are needed as well as more backup to help you eliminate them.

Still, there are nice touches here. The theme has the potential for the start of an urban crime campaign, if done right. Any takers?