The Peacekeeper, by Flashpoint Retaliation.

Download The Peacekeeper (3,671 KB)

This is the demo mission of the Retaliation Campaign, long awaited yet never released. Will it ever be? This demo mission came out in March 2002. The site was last updated in September 2002, with the campaign team's widely publicized release of the Soviet Mirage patrol boat addon.

The purpose of this demo mission is not so much for the gameplay. In fact, you have to lose in order to win. That's a hint!

Excellent cutscenes, a good dialog, real Russian voices (not like those Codemaster phonies in Red Hammer) and an unusual way to complete a mission are what make it worth downloading The Peacekeeper and playing it out. These are the elements that gave this mission a place here at M.O.M.

HEALTH HAZZARD WARNING: Should you succeed in triggering mission completion, there is a sound effect employed that is extremely high pitched, to the point of literally causing pain in your ears. I recommend that you do not play this mission with earphones on and that you lower the volume after the initial cutscene, when the actual mission gameplay begins. I kid you not! I literally threw my earphones off when I played The Peacekeeper for the first time.