Petrovice Salient, by Charlie Howarth.

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sa-li-ent (say'lee uhnt, sayl'yuhnt) adj.

1. prominent or conspicuous: salient features.
2. projecting or pointing outward.
3. leaping or jumping: a salient animal.
4. a salient angle or part; an outward projection.
[1555-65; < L salient-, s. of saliens, prp. of salire to spring, jump
Derived words: sa'li-ent-ly, adv.

I'm not 100% sure what Petrovice and salient have to do with each other geographically on Nogova (hint: Resistance required) but, hey, it sounds good, no? The same can be said for this mission. It's time to play sniper again, this time as a Russian. You start off the mission on guard duty by your lonesome, positioned on the highest rooftop in Petrovice with your trusty Dragunov. Maybe this mission should have been named Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Things don't stay quiet for long. When the fireworks begins, do your best. The more NATO troops you clobber, the easier your retreat. Did I say retreat? Well, play the mission and you'll find out. You can't stay in Petrovice forever, you know. And you won't be by your lonesome forever as well, if you get out alive. Nuf said.

A few notes for Charlie, the mission maker: