Pigs Can Fly Campaign, by The Avon Lady.

Download The Avon Lady's Pigs Can Fly Campaign - green A-10s (4,149 KB)
Download The Avon Lady's Pigs Can Fly Campaign - gray and green A-10s (4,149 KB)

There is also a VBS1 mission pack version available of the "Pigs Can Fly" Campaign missions. Details on this VBS1 forum thread (registered members only).

Other than the color of the A-10s, there are no differences between the above two campaign versions.

Some post-release notes:

1. View distance is set up to 2000 meters in missions. If your PC cannot handle it, sorry.

2. Beta testers must download again the campaign file, the Avon AMORE Addon Installer and the Avon AMORE Multimedia Installer. The Avon AMORE Multimedia Music Installer does not have to be downloaded again.

3. The Avon AMORE Multimedia Music Installer is about 17MB and is optional but it would be a pity to run those cutscenes without it.

IMPORTANT: If you are experience crash-to-desktops (CTDs) in the following missions, this might be due to a CTD bug associated with the existing version of Diesel's gray A-10 models:

Odyssey cutscene.
Hog Heaven.
Pig Out.
Pig In A Poke.
High On The Hog.

If you encounter CTDs in these missions, try restarting them. If the problem continues, download the campaign version containing only green A-10s. That should do the trick.

Of course, read the ReadMe:


            Pigs Can Fly

An OPP Aerial Combat Pilot Campaign

            Version 1.10


Copyright 2005 The Avon Lady, all rights reserved. So there!

An OFP mini-campaign, produced by The Avon Lady, of The OFP FAQ.

The OFP FAQ: http://www.theavonlady.org/theofpfaq]http://www.theavonlady.org/theofpfaq

Email: theavonlady@theavonlady.org


I've extensively modified several original OFP single-player and
1985 CWC Campaign missions to incorporate Diesel's recently released A-10
Thunderbolt II aircraft addon. These missions have been woven together,
with a new storyline, to create the enclosed "Pigs Can Fly" campaign.

In addition to major mission code modifications, I've added some intro
custcenes and provided a uniform briefing format, containing extensive


The "Pigs Can Fly" campaign consists of the following playable missions:

1. Hog Heaven - adapted from BIS' 1985 CWC campaign mission "Air Assault".
Not too much changed from the original mission. Now, of course, you'll
be piloting an A-10. Choppers are passe'.

2. Pig Out - adapted from BIS' 1985 CWC campaign mission "Planes Start".
Nothing exciting here. Follow the leader, as in the original 1985 CWC
campaign mission. The mission's been moved from Malden to Everon but
I'm sure you won't mind the change of scenery.

3. Pig In A Poke - adapted from BIS' 1985 CWC campaign mission "Maverick".
This time, however, there's no scripted fuel leak to force you to eject
and become a prisoner of the Russians. And Russian defenses on Kogujev
have been beefed up, so beware!

4. High On The Hog - Adapted from BIS' single-player mission "Ground Attack
II". That Russian convoy rolling up Kolgujev's coast might be a sitting
duck but there are some additional pests on the ground and in the air
that may cook your goose first.

5. Pig Sty - Adapted from BIS' single-player mission "Rats Nest".
However, everything's been drastically changed, from the aircraft you
fly to the side you're fighting for and much more. In this mission, I
introduce an extensive military brevity radio dialog. This is my personal
mission favorite of the campaign and I hope you agree.

There are so many people to give credit to for helping me in producing this
campaign. I think I've managed to mention all of them in the campaign's
final "Credits" cutscene. If you think a name is missing from the credits,
please give a shout in my direction.

If you have any recommendations on improving or correcting anything wrong
with these missions, just email me and tell me so. The address is just
below the top of this document.


AMORE Compliancy

The "Pigs Can Fly" campaign is AMORE compliant. For information on AMORE,
click on AMORE in the FAQ's left-hand menu.

Since the AMORE method makes music tracks optional, you don't need to download
the AMORE Multimedia Music Installer for the Pigs Can Fly campaign. However,
watching the cutscenes without the accompanying music is quite disappointing.
It's your decision.

Making the campaign AMORE compliant means that you'll never need to download
the AMORE files again. So if there are corrections made to the campaign code,
you'll only need to redownload the campaign file.



NOTE: All of the addons listed below are now optionally available as a
single 98.3MB Pigs Can Fly Campaign addon pack file, downloadable from:

1.  OFP version 1.96 or greater.

2.  Diesel's A-10 Thunderbolt II.

3.  Rezin's Pilots.

4.  DKM Mod's M109 ADATS.

5.  DKM Mod's 256M Tunguska.

6.  Spetsnaz Mod's SU-27 Flanker.

7.  Kegetys' Winter Nogojev Island.

8.  I-DOE-I's Winter Everon Island.

9.  The AMORE Installer.

10. Avon's AMORE Addon Installer.

11. Avon's AMORE Multimedia Installer for Pigs Can Fly, V1.00.

12. Avon's AMORE Multimedia Music Installer for Pigs Can Fly, V1.00 (optional - music files only).


Summary Of Changes:

1.10 - In mission "Pig Sty", added a last CYCLE waypoint to most enemy
vehicles to improve detection in player's target HUD.

1.00 - Minor corrections and adjustments to beta.

0.92 - In missions "Hog Heaven" and "Pig In A Poke", added a last CYCLE waypoint
to most enemy vehicles to improve detection in player's target HUD.

0.92 - Fixed Chinook egress landing location at airport in mission "Pig Sty".

0.92 - Fixed campaign's DESCRIPTION.EXT file. Campaign was restarting after "Credits".

0.91 - In mission "Hog Heaven", changed last waypoints of many enemy vehicles
from HOLD to SEEK & DESTROY to improve detection in player's target HUD.

0.91 - Increase volume for most radio messages in mission "Pig Sty".

0.91 - Add a savepoint in mission "Pig Sty" after takeoff, on way to target area.

0.91 - Corrected radio message commands in mission "Pig In A Poke".

0.91 - Missing GroupAlpha soldier added to mission "Hog Heaven" for script "vplanecreate".

0.91 - Improved AI convoy driving in part II of cutscene mission "The Dark March".

0.91 - Added OVERVIEW.HTML files for cutscene missions.

0.91 - Removed all "disableuserinput true" statements from cutscene scripts.

0.91 - Minor formatting and text changes made to various files.

0.90 - Initial release.