Pilot Rescue, by Dan Giunta.

Download Pilot Rescue (1,371 KB)

Here's another SEB Nam Pack 2 mission for you and you can play it either as an SP or an MP coop mission.

Contrary to what the README says, this is no walk in the park! Mission maker Dan Giunta has made sure to pepper the Cambodian countryside with lotsa Charlies waiting to welcome you.

Did I say Cambodia? Yep! A Cobra pilot took a wrong turn across the border and is now stewing in a summer camp across the Mekong River, from where he'll be taken to North Vietnam to be parades as one of the attractions in the NVA's circus. Your job is to get him out alive.

You'll start off enjoying a scenic view from your boat, listening to Grace Slick's White Rabbit, as you enjoy the early evening breeze. Once you land, though, the party's over. Look at your map, you're moments away from enemy infested territory and they know the jungle better than you do.

Do your best to reach the prison camp with as much as possible of your squad intact. You're going to need every one of them. If things get tight, just call in the Marines with your radio.

I have come close to beating this mission but, at some point, the enemy lets me have it right between the eyes just as I thought the camp had been cleared.

The only change I would recommend to this mission is to its name. Pilot Rescue is oh-so generic and they're have been numerous pilot rescue missions released to date.

Well it's 1, 2, 3 - what are we fighting for?!