Platoon Commander, by General Barron.

Download Platoon Commander - for OFP 1.75 and above (5,353 KB)
Download Platoon Commander - for OFP 1.46 (5,353 KB)

Here's a mission that's not difficult yet packs a lot of action, has tons of replay value and has some nice touches to it, from cutscenes to custom radio voices to bonus objectives to a great selection of music scores.

General Barron told me he's been working on this mission for quite some time. If you ask me, his efforts have paid off. The plot is elementary. US offshore missile barrages have pummeled Russian forces in Saint Pierre. The Soviets there are now desperate for reinforcements and supplies. The only route left for those to get to the Russians is the southern Everon valley road, heading due south through Durras and Veron, finally reaching Saint Pierre. Your job is to stop the convoy before it makes it to Saint Pierre.

You're a USMC platoon commander. Besides your own squad, you're in charge of assigning the positions of three rifle squads, an AT squad, a sniper squad and an assault squad. You've also got no less than four mine laying soldiers on your own squad. It cannot be overstated how critical the mine laying task is, as it's obvious that it has the potential to knock out the convoy's escorting armor or maybe even the entire convoy.

In order to win the battle, however, you must not only destroy the entire convey. You must also kill at least seventy five percent of the crack troops, including Spetsnaz units, that will be escorting the convoy. If all goes according to plan, you'll be able to radio in for egress by chopper and head for the LZ for an uneventful flight back home.

Platoon Commander is fun even if you don't like to play strategy based missions. You won't get bogged down with managing soldiers in the field. Once you've assigned your platoon squad's positions, they're on their own, leaving you to command your own squad, as in so many other OFP missions. The rest are just a firepower bonus, that add to the intensity of the battle.

A nice touch is, after you issue the order to dig in, before the attack, there's a great cutscene, showing your recon main up north conveying precise information on the convoy's makeup. Then, when the cinematics are over, everyone in your platoon, including yourself will be positioned behind a small bush to maintain cover. This is a trick done with a "buildcover" script that General Barron makes use of.

There are two versions of the mission available for download. One is for OFP version 1.46. The other is for OFP Resistance or GOTY versions 1.75 and above. The former requires Gunslinger's Editor Update addon. The latter requires the newer Editor Addon from Kegetys. Note that the version of Platoon Commander available at MOM is the latest version. If you've previously downloaded this mission from elsewhere, your copy does not include the latest corrections and additions.