Tour Of Duty - Plei Bi Yot, by Desdichado.

(Updated December 21, 2002)

Download Plei Bi Yot Single Player (1,278 KB)
Download Plei Bi Yot Multi-Player Coop (1,278 KB)

I just published MOM's review of the oh-so impressive SEB Nam Pack 2 addon and here I am already with MOM's first review of a Vietnam mission - Plei Bi Yot. That's the name of the Vietnamese hamlet taken over by the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) in the mission's plot. That's really bad for US forces because it cuts off the American's main supply route in the area. Time to retrieve it!

You'll be heading in as a grunt. Your starting position is just over the river to the east of Plei Bi Yot. During your advance, you'll take a breather while the nearby US mortar positions soften up Plei Bi Yot just a little for the benefit of your squad. Enjoy the show.

The scenery is awesome. The battle is intense. Charlie seems to have positioned heavy MGs in just the right places on top of the hill staring down at you. If you succeed in getting over the crest, you've still got plenty of NVA forces to wipe out in the village itself. Watch out! They're waiting!

I found the battle most intense. At the end, I took the village single-handedly but there were only three Charlies left in the village, thanks to the ferocious fight put up by my AI squadmates prior to their biting the dust. Tsk. Considering my plain fear of getting shot full of holes in this mission, I didn't do too bad, killing 2 officers, 1 machine gunner and 5 regulars.

The file's download size is attributed to the music used in the mission's intro and ending cutscenes, both nicely done and of reasonable length.

Desdichado has also released an MP coop version of the mission. Well what are you waiting for!!!!

C'mom, mission makers! Let's get some more terrific Vietnam missions rolling off the assembly line. We're hungry!