PMC Fury Campaign, by Snake Man.

Download the PMC Fury Campaign from PMC Tactical (19,638K)

OK. So it's a campaign - not a mission. So sue me!

But what a campaign! You be playing grunt and commander all the way to victory. The campaign consists of some 60 or so missions, some short and some long, some easy and some difficult, some good and many great. I can't think of a single bad mission in PMC Fury.

Everything takes place on Malden Island. You won't be seeing the other islands in PMC Fury.

The storyline is simple. You start off landing on northern Malden for a simple recon assignment, prior to NATO's invasion of the Soviet-held island. Each mission is another small victory for NATO. Success is measured in minor territorial advances, as you work your way towards cornering the Russians on Malden's southern tip. It's a very realistic step-by-step campaign of conquest. You won't be seeing much of the inside of planes, choppers and tanks in PMC Fury. You've got two feet - use 'em!

Whether you're an old hand at OFP or a new recruit, I highly recommend the PMC Fury Campaign. Works with OFP version 1.46 and above. No unofficial addons required. When you unzip the files to OFP's CAMPAIGNS subdirectory, make sure you retain the zipped file's folder names.

Two suggestions from me:

  1. If you've got OFP: Resistance, make sure you're updated to the latest version.
  2. In some missions, you can go searching for hours for a solitary Russian soldier whose cowardly retreat is preventing the mission from completing. If this happens and you're fed up, pat yourself on the back and move on, using the ENDMISSION cheat, as described in this FAQ item.

If you've already played PMC Fury in the past, consider replaying the jungle version, available from Azimut's Flashpoint Conversion site.

Go! Go! Go!