PMC Ranger Path Campaign, by Snake Man.

(Updated August 28, 2003)

Download the PMC Ranger Path Campaign from PMC Tactical (204K)

Snake Man has done it again! While this PMC Ranger Path Campaign is not a storyline sequel to his original MOM reviewed PMC Fury Campaign, it continues along the same concept of conquer and move on.

This time, however, you'll be fighting as a commander of an elite Ranger team, using BAS' Delta and Ranger units. Don't let that lull you into thinking you're indestructible. There are plenty of Russians out there to challenge your ongoing ability to keep on breathing. And if the Russians don't get you, maybe an anti-personnel mine will cut you or several of your squadmates down to size.

The campaign contains more than twenty infantry missions, some of them standard, some of the darn good! Most of the time you'll find yourself helo'd in and doing some fastroping out of an MH-47E Chinook or an MH-60 Blackhawk. However, that's not what makes up the beef of these missions. Even with a great weapons loadout and Kevlar vests, you'll still need a combination of good tactics, squad command skills and shooting to make it to the end of the campaign.

I recommend you play the PMC Ranger Path Campaign with the latest OFP version. You're also going to need the following addons:

Officially, the PMC Ranger Path Campaign is still in beta development stages. However, you should find it quite error free by now. The most likely problem you'll encounter is a mission not ending when you think it should. For that, you always have the ENDMISSION cheat to help you out.

UPDATE: 2003/08/28 - Revision 10 of the campaign now requires the BAS Blackhawks/SOAR/JAM addon.