Rat's Nest (MI-28), by The Avon Lady

(Updated July 8, 2003)

Download Rat's Nest (MI28) (701 KB)

I have taken the original OFP single player mission, Rat's Nest, and replaced OFP's Soviet V-80 helicopter originally used in the mission with the DKM Mod's MI-28 Havoc helicopter addon (7,485 KB). Of course, BIS deserves all the credit for the original mission. The one star simply represents my minimal work to create this slightly modified version.

The first version of the addon was released in July 2003. Additional Information about the MI-28 Havoc helicopter addon can be found on the DKM Mod's WEB site.

UPDATE: 2003/07/08 - Version 1.2 released. Defined and set public variable "DKMM_choppers_shortstart" to "true". Now MI-28s start engines immediately, with no delay and without false OUT OF FUEL detections.

UPDATE: 2003/07/07 - Version 1.1 released. Introduces a time selection dialog and changes the AI commanded MI-24 helicopter to an MI-28.