Red Dawn, by Sergeant Barnes.

Download Red Dawn (132 KB)

From the author of the previously reviewed mission Spetznatz Sniper Team, comes a new mission with an old familiar name: Red Dawn. As in Sergeant Barnes' last mission, you'll once again be playing a Soviet Spetsnaz commander and you'll be equipped with that same amazing silenced sniper rifle, the Tula BCC.

You've got your work cut out for you. A no man's land cuts down the center of Kolgujev. The Russians, however, will not remain neutral for long. Your mission is to demolish NATO air defenses on Kolgujev. You'll parachute into the island's NATO zone and eliminate shore and beach patrols to allow your four saboteur teammates to head to shore and join you. Just like you, the entire team is equipped with BCCs, giving them maximum stealth at distant firing ranges.

On with the show! Get a move on to the northwest, where you'll have to eliminate the defenses at NATO's refueling facilities down to the last man. Unlike your earlier encounter at the oceanside, this base's defenses are a bit more serious. Still, if you play your cards right, they'll never know what hit them.

Once you've captured the refueling depot, Bravo team can be flown in to help you with your final objective, the assault on NATO's air defenses further north, up the road. Here you're going to meet a lot of well armed enemy troops, who way-outnumber you. While radioing in Bravo team to asist in the attack will help soften NATO's troops up, the rest is dependant on you and your small team. Do the job right and, after you've extracted, you'll be everyone's hero back at the Soviet base. Fail and it's six feet under for you, fella.

Red Dawn requires OFP version 1.85 or greater to play, as well as the following addons:

Enjoy the cutscenes. The intro is a little bit long but it introduces the storyline in detail.

Thanks, Sergeant Barnes! Keep 'em rollin'!