Seize Le Moule, by Ian Bremner.

Download Seize Le Moule (3,595 KB)

Mission maker Ian Bremner has been around for quite some time in the OFP community and I'm glad to see he's actively continuing to produce more quality missions. There was a lot to enjoy in his last mission reviewed at MOM, Missing In Inaction, and this mission won't disappoint you either.

First, let's get some technicalities out of the way. You'll need OFP version 1.85 or greater to play Seize Le Moule. Also be aware that this mission is a storyline prequel to Ian's newer mission, FO's Lament. So play this one first.

One great talent of Ian's mission making is showing off OFP's spectacular capabilities and effects without requiring a parade of snazzy addons. In Seize Le Moule, you're in command of a squad, taking part in a combined armor and infantry attack on the small village of Le Moule on Everon Island. The goal of this offensive operation is to knock out the Russian defenses and seize the village.

Read the briefing and familiarize yourself with the battle plan map. You'll be attacking from the south, from the woods. I suggest gearing up your squad accordingly. You don't have much of a selection but don't waste what's being offered to you.

When you start the mission, pay attention to the radio messages. You're not being asked to fire the first shot. Also, stay down and avoid detection but recon for relevant targets before the battle begins. If you make it through the fight, don't assume that the Russians on Everon will simply take it on the chin.

I was amazed by the sense of real battle this mission produces. The roar of NATO and Russian tank engines, the blasts from their cannons, the smoke, the fire and the interspersed vicious air support that dished out death and destruction to both sides.

My strategy was to lay low and avoid detection. It worked! So much so, that I was more an observer than a participant in the first round of the battle. Nevertheless, I suppose as in real life, I was happy to see my side's heavy MBTs doing the vast majority of the dirty work, while my squad and myself helped ourselves to easy pickings that never detected our presence.

That did change, though, when the Russian counter-offensive began. I won't give out many details but after enough NATO armor has been incapacitated in the first round, you're going to need to get into the ring in the second round.

Enough said. Now go and fight!