Short Straight, by Dinger.

Download Short Straight (2,061 KB)

Dinger has slapped together one hum-Dinger of an action packed Nam warfare mission in his latest version of Short Straight. This has got great everything in it - scripts, music, cutscenes, action, storyline - you name it! I've been toying with this mission since its initial beta version was made available but it's no toy any more.

First things first. There's an intro cutscene that makes reading briefings redundant for all you illiterates out there. You're situated east at Plei Me SF Base and orders have come in to mount a massive attack on some enemy positions not far from LZ X-ray. Sit back while you receive a full animated briefing, complete with map illustrations and voice instructions. Beautifully done!

Then when you start the mission, you'll have a director's chair view of the pre-landing pounding LZ X-ray receives, as a dozen or more Hueys make their way there to drop off the attack forces, of which you are a member of.

Once on the ground, keep up with your squad. Your commander is light on his feet. You've got a bit of a hike till you reach the battlefield. As with many an OFP Nam mission, be prepared. The enemy know the terrain better than you and they are well entrenched.

From this point onward, anything can happen, whether you decide to stick with your buddies or venture off, headhunting on your own. Who survives and how well you do varies each time you play Short and Straight.

Will you ever make it back to LZ X-Ray alive for extraction? Chances are you won't but it worth dying to try.

Of course, you'll need SEB Nam Pack 2 to play Short Straight. You'll also need a decently powerful system, as there are a lot of units incorporated in this mission.

Mission makers, can you top this?!