Silent Night Deadly Night, by Winters.

Download Silent Night Deadly Night (6,874 KB)

I simply love this mission! Great cutscenes throughout, awesome music (some slurs and expletives invoked) and a great challenge!

You'll need OFP: Resistance to play the mission. It requires Kegetys' Editor Addon, which is included in the download.

Nogova Island is swarming with Soviet-backed terrorists. You'll be helo-dropped on a solo specops mission at dusk and dark, carrying very little baggage.

Your first task is to wipe out an armored Soviet and terrorist convoy heading towards a nearby town. You've got ten minutes to accomplish your task. Assuming you've made it out alive, you'll be heading up north to put the terrorist's training camp out of commission. If you're successful, NATO might as well make use of your skills and give you a crack at cracking the skull of the terrorist's chief honcho, General Govnor.

I don't know what mission maker Winters did but it's been a long time since I've been so scared of OFP's aggressive AI enemy soldiers. There are plenty of them and they will hunt you down. They chased after me. They went prone, waiting for me to pick my head up off the ground. They flanked my position, forcing me to hide or retreat. In all honesty, I was unable to get through this mission the first and second time around.

I will throw in the following hints, which I think should be in the briefing, as I don't consider them spoilers:

The mission includes a SAVE GAME action command. This came in handy, as the mission takes time to complete and you may not be able to finish it in one session. The mission also includes a onetime-only medical kit for self healing, though you'll most probably end up dead. The only thing I would change in this mission is to give the player a pair of binoculars. I just think that's something elementary, no less than a silenced gun, for a specops soldier.

I completed the mission with a gold star and 19,400 points. Did I say I love this mission?