Spetznatz Sniper Team, by Sergeant Barnes.

Download Spetznatz Sniper Team (61 KB)

This is admittedly a hasty review. I haven't finished the mission yet but I like what I see so far.

What could be better than sniping out in the woods all alone, with no one to tell you what to do? Sniping with a spotter, of course!

Mission maker Sergeant Barns has assembled a very nice sniper mission that demonstrates OFP's abilities (and limitations) of implementing a two man sniper/spotter team. In the mission, you get to play the sniper. Your AI spotter will hold fire (unless you command otherwise), detect targets and tell you when your position has been compromised.

The mission pivots around a most impressive gun, the Tula BCC 9mm sniper rifle. The BCC has no noticeable recoil and your own breathing makes more noise than firing this toy. Although the addon version of the BCC, found in RUSniper's RUSPack V1.0 addon pack (1,383 KB), uses the game's Dragunov scope, it's highly accurate and is excellent for one-shot one-kill missions, like this one.

The mission's introductory cutscene shows just how lethal the BCC rifle can be. It makes child's play out of shooting high ranking NATO personnel at medium range. And that is essentially what this mission is about. You're to romp through the forests of Kolgujev, with several sniping assignments in hand.

One word of caution: if your spotter is killed, the mission ends. You may not like it but keep in mind that you're a team.

Spetznatz Sniper Team requires OFP: Resistance and, as mentioned above, RUSniper's RUSPack V1.0 weapons addon pack, which includes the Russian BCC sniper rifle.

For some real life pics and specs of the BCC 9mm sniper rifle, have a look at the manufacturer's product page at the Tula Arms Plant in Russia.