Southern Afghanistan Mission Pack, by Nagual.

(Updated June 15, 2003)

Download Southern Afghanistan Mission Pack (731 KB)

The BAS team's master mission maker, Nagual, whipped up an action jammed two mission pack. Both missions take place on Cat's amazing Afghanistan Island, although the mission scenarios are placed elsewhere, such as possibly in North Africa. In both missions, Quick Raid and Urban Uprising, you'll be playing the role of US Ranger, taking on the local militia thugs, in alley to alley CQB (Close Quarters Battle) fighting.

While the mission pack's README says the missions can be played either as SP or MP coop missions, you'll find playing these in SP to win is somewhat difficult to do because of OFP's limited command set in controlling AI soldiers in a CQB scenario. Your AI teammates will think nothing of going past the next building corner without glancing left or right before crossing the street, only to get their head's blown off.

So, if you're playing these missions in MP, have fun and watch your step. If you're playing them in SP, the same warnings apply but be extra careful when commanding your squadmates to advance.

In the first mission, Quick Raid, you and your three squadmates will be inserted via MH-6 Littlebird smack into the middle of a town (you'll love the place!) where you're to eliminate the leaders of an arms trading ring who are in town for a convention of sorts. Be warned that these guys normally travel along with an armed entourage. If your Littlebird crashes during insertion or if your team is fired on and killed before you've had a chance to disembark, just restart the mission. OFP helo landings can be quirky at times.

In the second mission, Urban Uprising, your squad of 8 plus yourself and another squad will head for the same town. The LZ is on the north edge of town and it's hot (no, I'm not talking about the weather). Your objectives are to clear the northern central and southern city districts of armed militiamen who've seized control from the local government forces. Watch your six and look up every now and then.

A hefty amount of addons are required but they're all top notch:

* These missions will not work with later versions of Cat's Afghanistan Island because of changes to island locations and objects that were made by the addon maker.