The Suburbs, by Aculaud

(Updated February 2, 2003)

Download The Suburbs (1,353 KB)
Download The Suburbs (beta) (133 KB)

OFP reg and mission maker Aculaud is no stranger to MOM. An earlier mission of his, Terror Tactics, also received a two-star salute here. The Suburbs was originally reviewed here as a beta mission. The final version is now available as well. The differences between them are that the final version has an outro cutscene and contains fewer soldiers and civilians than the beta version to reduce processing overhead. If you have a high performance system, I personally would recommend the beta version.

Russian forces are trapped in Lipany, the capital of Nogova (didn't you know?!). Alpha and Bravo squadrons will advance to the lip of Lipany (hmmm.....) from both north and south and eliminate every last Commie in town. Please try not to trip over the civilians.

You start off as a grunt in Alpha squad, approaching from the south. Your squad will be deployed from an M113. Be prepared for a lot of CQB. Fortunately, you'll be packing a scoped XM177S.

Many enemy troops have already concealed themselves well among the town's houses and buildings. Here's a hint: if you like playing the grunt and don't want to take charge, advance ahead of your buddies and eliminate any Russians that might get in their way. You should do this a lot in this mission, as your commanding officer seems a bit queasy about touring Lipany too fast. When you're done, you'll get a free helo ride out of Lipany, on your way back to base for a well deserved 2 day pass to another island.

Obviously, if we're in Lipany, this must be Nogova. So you must have OFP: Resistance to play this mission. As alluded to at the start, I found that the mission lagged when so many NATO and Soviet troops plus civilians were running all over the place, like chickens without a head, in a densely built up area. However, after some troops died on both sides and everyone settled into position more or less, the lag subsided.