Operation Sunstrike, by Red.

Download Operation Sunstrike (3,956 KB)

If you like missions with dynamic plots and objectives, Operation Sunstrike is worth having a look at. You're a specops team leader heading for Everon on a covert mission to knock out various Soviet military facilities around the island. The mission allows you to select your weapons. I opted for a G36 (I couldn't resist) instead of the default MP5.

When you wash ashore, take a look at your mission objectives and glance at your map of Everon. You'll find several map markers that aren't necessarily related to your current mission tasks. Do some sightseeing if curiosity has gotten the better of you.

In my opinion, the problem with this mission is that it becomes more arcade-like, losing any connection to real life military situations. It sort of feels like after you've won a teddy bear at the "Whack the Moles" booth, go on over to the next booth and knock down all the tin cans and win a gold fish. Also, I found many of the assignments much too easy. Knocking out the MG nests at the start of the mission was a cinch. So was destroying the enemy's HQ towards mission end. Even taking out the fuel trucks in mid-mission was relatively simple. Honestly, why are all those Russians standing around so casually all the time instead of being on their toes? In addition, it was just too easy to get around the island from one objective to another.  When I cut through forests, I almost never encountered a patrol, even when the area bordered on a military objective.

So why is this mission here at MOM? Well, I did have some fun playing this mission and there was a lot of work put into it and it shows! If this mission's dynamic storyline was tightened up and achieving objectives were toughened up, we could have a mini-campaign on our hands.

The mission file size reflects the music incorporated into the mission for the cutscenes, which I enjoyed. Give it a whirl.