Swordfish Trilogy Mission Pack, by King 6.

Download the Swordfish Trilogy (5,607 KB)

(For a list of the required addons, look down below).

This is a special, re-rendered edition of a series of a darn good classic mission series.

Where were you when the first of King 6's Swordfish missions came out in October 2001? Playing Land Warrior or Counter Strike?! Phooey on you! Get on over here and have a taste of some of the best of classic user-made OFP missions around. You'll be commanding SEAL Team 6 squad, combating elite Soviet forces on summery Everon and on wintery Kolgujev.

Even if you already have the original versions of the Swordfish missions, you might appreciate this updated mission pack. Yours truly has worked hard to bring these missions to you. To get them to work flawlessly with any version of OFP, from version 1.30 and up, I've done the following, among other things:

With one exception, I did not touch one iota of any of the mission's game logic. What you have here is 100% of King 6's intense mission gameplay, as he designed it. The single exception I made was in Swordfish III, where I added a pair of binoculars to the player's weapons inventory.

This was a lot more labor than I expected it to be at first. So I hope you all - even the OFP veterans among you - find it worth your while.

You'll find lots of replay in the Swordfish Trilogy's missions. They're packed with ambience, realism, great scripting, use of good addons, custom radio chatter and lots more. the Swordfish Trilogy Mission Pack is a must-have for all collectors of quality OFP missions. Go! Go! Go!

Let's take a look at these missions, one by one. As of the writing of this review, I've completed Swordfish I and I'm halfway through both Swordfish II and III.

(With thanks to OFP player Kroky, who suggested that I review the Swordfish missions in the first place).


Swordfish I

The Russians Sectorchief on Everon is reviewing his troops way down south in the St. Pierre area. Bring him back dead or alive. He's worth more alive.

You'll launch from the mothership, LST Poseidon, and take a long, tranquil journey to Everon's eastern shores, where a NATO firebase, manned by USMC forces, is located. On your way there, review your detailed instructions carefully. When you reach shore, review your squad's weapons outfitting. If you want to make any changes, go to the camo awnings, where you'll find numerous ammo caches, from which you can choose a variety of armaments.

There's a Blackhawk waiting nearby to take you to your ingress point. The ride in is extremely long. To evade the Russians, you'll be cutting across Everon to the west coast. From there, you'll be heading south, maintaining an offshore distance, just in case. Along with you will be a tag team of escorting Cobras, watching your six. Once you get south enough, you'll loop back eastward and head towards your ingress point, a bald mountain top, overlooking the Arizona Valley. It's cold, the wind is howling and it's pitch dark. Wave goodbye to the birdies.

While the chopper ride is extremely long, I recommend that, for the last part, when flying eastward over southern Everon, you switch to third person view. What you will see is some amazing flight scripting. Your UH60 and the Cobra will be flying at treetop level. You'll pause behind every mountain ridge and rise slowly, verifying that the leg to the next ridge is clear before proceeding. I was very impressed!

From here on in, King 6's mission design is very flexible. Technically, all you have to do is to find the Soviet Sectorchief and either kill or capture him. However, the concept of the mission is to harass the enemy as much as possible and the mission gives you endless opportunities. St. Pierre itself is bristling with activity, yet there's plenty of movement all along the Arizona Valley corridor. Go on and be a devil.

Keep in mind that you do have to extract and reach the mothership alive. There are plenty of ways to restock your squad's weapons inventory. As the briefing ends, good luck, gentlemen!


Swordfish II - Operation Eagle Claw

Back to Everon we go! This time we're going to deal with the north side of the Island instead of the south. And this time we're out to destroy all five AAA positions surrounding the Soviet airbase, so that our Rangers came come in, along with an airdrop of light armor and mop up the joint.

You'll be going on another long journey to your ingress point, taking off from Echo Island, off the northeast coast, looping around the southern coast to avoid detection and coming around about mid-island for a drop-off on an isolated shore area.

The mission starts you off on the beach at Echo Island. You've just disembarked the PBR that brought you ashore. Go up the hill and get acquainted with Camp X-Ray. Consider your mission orders and go over to the ammo crates to outfit your squad with the gear that will best suit the tasks that lie ahead of you.

Once you've done that, board the Blackhawk. Which one, you might ask? No, not the one that's already operative. It's one of the two nearest the ammo crates and the tents. Because of the scripting used of chopper takeoffs in these missions, I suggest that you always have your squadmates board before you. If you board first, there's a risk that the chopper might take off before the entire squad has had time to climb aboard.

Unlike Swordfish I, this chopper ride is uneventful. I suggest using your time in flight to read the mission orders and notes again or to make yourself a cup of java.

Once you and your team have hit the beach, you've got a long way on foot to your first objective, a KGB interrogation compound. How you get there is up to you. Just remember, unlike the first mission, this is not a harassment assignment. You'll need your squadmates and your ammo for the big event later. Don't squander them beforehand. I will warn you that intel reports that the island is heavily patrolled ever since your team dealt them a major blow in the first Swordfish mission. You've been warned!

Your goal at the KGB compound is to search for some highly important documents the Soviets have filed there. Do your best to find them. From there, it's time to head further north and deal with AAA sites. Do your best to slip into the area undetected. The joint is jumping.

Here too, if you're in a pickle, you can use your radio for some artillery bombardments that may save your neck. Just read the mission notes about not wasting them to take out the AAA sites.


Swordfish III

Ugh! A Blackhawk crash-landed on Russian controlled Kolgujev, somewhere up in the central mountains. It's freezing out there and I want to sip my hot cocoa slowly.

Too bad! Get your squad moving, soldier. This time we'll spare you the long ride to your insertion point. The mission will start off with your squad already in the air, on final approach to the eastern edge of Kolgujev.

You're equipped from head to to with arctic camo. It's about four in the morning when you arrive, so use your NVGs when you arrive or you'll go snowblind. Your goals are simple: find the fallen chopper, see if any of the crew have survived and hustle yourselves all out of there back to the mothership, LST Poseidon.

You would think that the weather would make the Russians hibernate till spring. Nothing of the sort. They're out there, marching and driving all over the place. Maybe they de-ice themselves with vodka. And just keep in mind that, just as it's hard to spot SEALs in arctic attire, the same holds true for Ivan's polar bears.


Required Addons

Here's a list of the addons you're going to need for each of the Swordfish Trilogy's missions:

STE Rangers Addon V2.10 + STT MasterKey, by SelectThis & Ebud (4,902 KB)
SEAL Addon, by Ebud (1,095 KB)  
ASF Soviet OMON Troops, by David Berka (611 KB)    
ASF Terrorists, by David Berka (2,271 KB)    
The Addon Collection V1.2, by Armourdave & Kegetys (7,130 KB)    
The Addon Collection V1.2 Javelin Fix, by Armourdave & Kegetys (112 KB)    
M249 SAW, by STEELE (11 KB)    
MH-60G Pavehawk, by TJP (993 KB)  
Either (for OFP version 1.85 and above):      
Winter Nogojev Island V1.1, by Kegetys (37,448 KB)    
Or (for OFP version 1.30 and above):      
Wiinter Kolgujev Island V1.2, by Kegetys (10,495 KB)    
Winter Vehicles Addon V1.0, by Kegetys (5,693 KB)    
Arctic Armour Pack V1.3, by AaronAsh (10,390 KB)