Tainted Eagle, by Bloodmixer.

Download Tainted Eagle (1,374 KB)

By chance I just noticed that the original Tainted Eagle mission's file timestamp is dated February 10, 2002, exactly one year ago from today. Here you'll find updated version 1.2 of the mission. I found some end trigger errors in the original mission's version 1.1 and corrected them myself. The mission still plays as the author originally intended. It should work with any OFP version, from OFP 1.20 and above.

I'll tell you right from the start that this is not a difficult mission. Had it been, I would have easily added another star to the mission's rating. This mission can be played in under ten minutes easy. It's nice to win every once in a while. Still, you've got to work a little bit to avoid slipping up. The mission will appeal to experienced players wanting an ego boost or a quick OFP fix, to novice players who could use a good training mission as a squad commander and to mission maker wannabees who could learn a thing or two about orchestrating the incorporation of graphics, music, voices, scripts and triggers to give a mission its unique flavor.

Here's what's happening. NATO has made top priority out of snuffing out the attempted Russian incursions on Everon Island. Today's target is good ol' Montignac. Been there many times. Most scenic, don't you agree? And the weather's marvelous! Some Soviet troops have slipped into town from the countryside and are now claiming it for the Motherland. Show them who's king of the forest by eliminating every last one of them.

You'll be airlifted by CH47 from the NATO island base at sea, west of Everon. The squad you're commanding and Charlie squad will  be dropped off inland, just west of Montignac. Maintain radio contain with Charlie, noting their position. When they're ready to assault, they'll wait for your green light. When the last Ruskie has bitten the dust in Montignac, await the Chinook on the outskirts of town and ride off into the sunset. When you do, note the dynamic gameplay statistics presented to you during the finale camera scene. Nice touch! I think every mission should show these.

For novices, a small reminder to use your binoculars and point out oncoming targets to your squad by placing the binoc crosshairs over the target and clicking the right mouse button.

Some technical notes for everybody:

  1. If you think you've killed all the Soviet troops in Montignac and the first objective still isn't marked as completed in the briefing, keep looking around. Also, sometimes when I've played this mission, a few of the enemy units were stuck inside the walls of buildings and other structures. In such cases, sometimes you can see their feet, hands or their rifle barrel protruding. The best way to make sure they don't remain alive is to lob a grenade in their direction.
  2. There were errors with triggering the mission's ending script, which I've supposedly. If the evacuation Chinook flies you south and then just hovers in place forever, let me know. I'll see if the mission can be tweaked a little more.