TankRush at Montignac, by Chaos.

Download TankRush at Montignac (2,441 KB)

I'm not great at commanding tanks but TankRush at Montignac really put me in the hot seat. Commanding three M1A1 Abrams MBTs into battle was no easy task for someone who prefers traveling on foot.

Here's the scenario. The Russians on Everon have Montignac under siege. Your job is to break through the siege, make contact with NATO forces bogged down in Montignac and then defeat the Soviet mechanized infantry forces heading eastward from north of Le Moule straight towards your position.

The difficulty is you have to get to Montignac first. You start off on the road way east of Entry Deux. The Russians have already infiltrated Entry Deux itself and positions further east near your vicinity. You've got to mop up any Soviets just up ahead of you and then you've got to overrun Entry Deux. Take no prisoners. Only then can you attempt to proceed further west in an attempt to reach Montignac and call in a reinforcement convoy desperately awaited for by the despondent and low on ammo NATO troops in Montignac.

As with all tank missions, you run the high risk of armor damage, running low on ammo or getting injured inside your iron coffin. You'll find the resources to deal with all of these problems way back on the east coast base, north of Chotain, where the reinforcement convoy will move out from when the "all clear" is sounded. It's a long ride back there but use it if the risk of going on damaged and injured is too great.

I am usually overwhelmed by many available tank missions because they're designed to work against you from the start. In Tankrush at Montignac, I felt I had a fighting chance. At the end, I failed to reach Montignac but I fought a tough battle to capture Entry Deux that earned me a gold star and 9000 points. I'm sure you can all do better than lil' ol' me. Give it a try!

This mission works with any OFP version, from 1.30, and requires no unofficial addons.