Terror Tactics, by Aculaud.

(Updated January 14, 2003)

Download Terror Tactics (414 KB)

Want some shoot-em-up action with a chance to survive and keep on dishing out more trouble to the enemy? Then take a look at this mission! You're in command of a 2-person NATO sniper team, airdropped on Kolgujev. Your mission is to assassinate a high-ranking Soviet agent, Krabava Goislav.

That shouldn't prevent you, however, from leaving a trail of mayhem and destruction all around Kolgujev. The island is crawling with complacent Russians that won't know what hit them.

There a dozens of ways to complete Terror Tactics, making this mission highly replayable. You choose the directions and the methods to get around the island. Don't like being a sniper? No problem. Knock off an enemy position and pick up some souvenirs. Don't want to travel on foot? Commandeer a vehicle.

To further enhance your gameplay, Terror Tactics comes in two mission flavors: one mission file for the official version of Kolgujev Island and two other mission files for either Kegetys' Winter Nogojev or Winter Kolgujev versions of the island.

There are a number of nice touches built into this mission, such as triggers, artillery and evac radio calls and some friendlies lurking around the island. Terror Tactics can be played with any version of OFP, from version 1.30 and up. No unofficial addons are used, except for the mission's winter version, as mentioned above.