Operation Thunderstorm, by Teifiterror.

Download Operation Thunderstorm (575 KB)

Mission maker Teifiterror is a veteran OFP reg. His latest mission, Operation Thunderstorm, shows that he's quite battle experienced. He certainly expects us to be!

You're a specops on Nogova (yes, Resistance required) and you've got numerous objectives to tackle all over the island. Destroy a Shilka base, eliminate a high ranking Russian officer, help the resistance steal some wheels and more. And you're supposed to do all this by your lonesome, with the entire island swarming with super alert Russian patrols and a fleet of prowling BMPs.

Sounds intense? It is. The problem is it's overly so. In real life, you don't stand a chance against odds like these. It's no different when you play this mission. Heck! Even the hints file that comes with this mission has more warnings than it does hints.

Fortunately there's a savegame radio call. So if you save the game and get killed later, you can always go back and avoid your previous mistakes. Ugh! I like savegame calls for long missions, not to resurrect myself but to let me continue playing a mission when I don't have the time to complete it in one session.

There's also a one-time medical kit to heal yourself, should you get wounded.

In addition to the mission being overly difficult, there are so many time-limited objectives spread out over many areas on the island, that I felt as if I'm on that TV show that used to exist where you race down supermarket isles and you need to pile as much as you can into your shopping cart within 60 seconds.

So, with all my gripes, why is this mission at MOM? Because I like a challenge.

The only addon this mission requires is Kegetys' Editor Addon.