Tour de Force, by Kronzky.

Download Tour de Force from Kronzky's mission page

As I write this review, the mission Tour de Force, for OFP Resistance, is still in beta status but that should not discourage you from downloading and playing it. The download link points to mission maker Kronzky's mission page, from where you can get the latest version of Tour de Force.

This is one tough mission! Some residents of Nogova, caught by the Soviets while attempting to flee the island, have been captured and are being held as prisoners of war. You, as commander of a NATO squad, must liberate the POWs from several locations.

The enemy is well armed and positioned. It will take very little effort on their part to mow you and your squad down if you don't tread carefully.

I spent a lot of time playing this mission. I won't say how. You're big enough to decide on your own what tactics to employ. I'll just say that there are many ways to attain the various objectives. Because of this, the mission has a lot of replay value.

The mission requires one small unofficial addon, which is included in the download file.