V2 Rocket Launch Test, by Vikingo.

Download V2 Rocket Launch Test from OFP Argentina (MOM is not hosting these files)

This mission requires Resistance. This mission won't make your adrenalin run. This mission uses tons of addons (all required files total up to more than 35MB). There are some bugs in the mission (I couldn't get it to trigger completion) and in the addons (visual problems, sometimes sluggish tank movement, etc.). So what the heck is this mission doing here?! I'll tell you..............

This mission on it's own is a mini World War II mod for OFP. It incorporates a ton of WWII addons that you would otherwise have trouble finding missions that use them. The addon that takes center stage in this mission is Nazi Germany's V2 rocket and the launch base designed for it. But you'll also see many German and US armored vehicles, cars, trucks, soldiers, civilians and weapons.

You'll be playing a Nazi commander (I must confess I was not pleased to see myself in 3rd person view) in charge of testing out the V2, which have just been introduced to German forces. Read the mission plan and simply follow the steps to take.

This mission incorporates interesting scripts, voices, rocket view camera control and quite a few humorous gags. Make sure to launch the 2nd V2 rocket, even if the first destroyed the target and have a good laugh.

Now I'm not crazy. I don't like so many addons, especially when they will hardly be used and when they're error-prone versions. So I installed them in a separate subdirectory and used the "-mod" command line parameter to reference these addons in order to play the mission. Here's what I did:

I hope you'll agree that the effort paid off and gave you a taste for the potential of some great historical OFP mods that are in the making.