Widows Ridge, by Ian Murrin.

(Updated January 30, 2003)

Download Widows Ridge (70 KB)

So much action in such a small download! No addons. Works with any OFP version. No music, other than the original OFP scores that come with the game. Opening cutscenes that will make you wonder whether the CO has any idea of what he's about to get you into.

You play a NATO officer who has to lead his/her men to a nearby town on Kolgujev Island and meet up with the Bravo recon team. From there, all you have to do is capture nearby Hill 468 from the Russians. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? You wish!

The mission plan includes an operations theater update, mission orders and support details. Read them all carefully and then go out there and disco (you'll see what I mean)!

The only addon you'll need to play Widows Ridge is either Gunslinger's Editor Update 1.02 for OFP 1.46 and below, or Kegetys' Editor Addon V1.11 for OFP 1.75 and above.

Did I say I love the mission author's personal dedication?

MaxRes to OFP player Mogge Asplund for resolving the missing addon error that previously existed with this mission.