Wrestling with the Bear, by Suicide.

Download Wrestling with the Bear (100 KB)

This is one mission I previously did not play. Now that I've played it, I would love to bend the MOM rules and give it four stars, instead of the maximum three.

Wow! There's so much put into this mission! Sarcastic yet funny cutscenes (there's nothing you can do - the lieutenant doesn't like you), aerial assaults, platoon-wide radio commands - and the atmosphere.

You're a sarge and your merry men aren't, well, so merry. The Russians have given NATO forces a licking in the last few days. You're all low on ammo and morale. Now command comes up with this brilliant operation, Crimson Glove, to take back Everon's southern valley.

You'll be bowling due south through the valley, with orders to capture Durras, Vernon and then St. Pierre. Soviet forces aren't too well entrenched but they're better armed than you and they've got a few armored units lurking around as well as something else.

It's very important that you listen up, read all mission plan documentation and pay close attention and strictly follow orders and instructions radioed in. Some mission triggers will only function if you move to the exact locations indicated on the map where you've been instructed to go.

Wrestling with the Bear required no unofficial addons whatsoever. If you're playing it with OFP: Resistance, ignore the message about missing addon EditorUpdate102.