After installing OFP Gold I cannot host multiplayer games!

Well, you can host but only clients who have installed OFP Gold or the OFP Gold Upgrade can connect to your server. OFP Gold's MP server code will not allow standard version 1.30 upgrade clients to connect.

The most common symptom of this problem is clients receiving the message "Missing entry config:Oleg".

This is a bug, admitted to by BIS in this BIS Troubleshooting FAQ item. Upgrading to OFP version 1.40 or later will resolve this problem.

To bypass this problem in OFP version 1.30, server hosts running the OFP Gold version should move file VOICERH.PBO from OFP's ADDONS subdirectory to an external temporary directory. This file was added in the OFP Gold version as part of the Red Hammer campaign. Once the file has been moved by the server host, all OFP version 1.30 clients should then be able to connect.

Of course, if the server host wants to play the Red Hammer campaign, file VOICERH.PBO must be copied back into the ADDONS subdirectory.