Why am I loosing my keyboard settings when I play MP?!?!

When you login in to an online gaming service to play OFP, such as Gamespy, that service uses your online login ID as your player name. If this name is even slightly different than your standard OFP player name, a new subdirectory will be created on your PC and your settings within that subdirectory will be intialized to OFP's defaults and will be used when playing online.

For example, supposing the player name you defined in OFP itself is "Bimbo". In this case, OFP will create the following subdirectory:


Within subdirectory Bimbo, there is a file named UserInfo.cfg. When you update your keyboard settings in OFP, the changes made are retained in this file.

Now, suppose that you play online using Gamespy but your Gamespy login idea is "Big Bimbo" and not "Bimbo" as defined in OFP. In this case, the first time you play OFP multiplayer through Gamespy, a new subirectory will be created:

\OperationFlashpoint\Users\Big Bimbo

A new default copy of file UserInfo.cfg will automatically be created within this subdirectory. The keyboard settings within the file will be OFP's defaults and not the customized settings you saved for your standard player name.

The easiest way to use the same settings and options for all player names defined to OFP is to copy the customized copy of file UserInfo.cfg to all of your other OFP player name subdirectories.