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HOT NEWS: The OFP FAQ will be shutting down. (added March 6, 2007)

Since I have not been actively maintaining The FAQ and this site in general for some 2 years now, I will be changing this domain's hosting account to something simpler and less expensive that will not be able to handle hosting all the pages and files I am currently hosting. This change will take effect a few days prior to the end of March 2007.

Please feel free to copy anything currently available from my site. If you publicize any copied materials, I ask that you please note that the materials are courtesy of TheAvonLady.Org.

I'm not disappearing off the face of the Internet. Only my site's content is.

HOT NEWS: The most frequently asked question to me these days. (added November 8, 2006)

A lot of people have contacted me and asked if I'm planning on producing a FAQ for BIS' upcoming Armed Assault (ArmA) game and whether I'm planning to return to the level of participation that I was involved in with OFP in the past.

To the best of my knowledge, BIS themselves will be producing their own FAQ for ArmA. Now, I might wind up being a contributor to BIS' ArmA FAQ but there will likely be many others and my share of FAQ entries may very well be trivial.

As for my participation level in the BIS/OFP/ArmA community, I don't know yet. Actually, I'm hoping that I'll enjoy ArmA so much and maybe get to play ArmA MP for once in my life, that I'll be asking more questions than giving answers.

Adding to this equation is real life obligations - you know - little things like family, friends and even work, both at the office and at home. In addition, my high-end notebook has been on the blink for some time now and the low-end backup notebook I'm currently typing on is not game and graphics friendly. I'm planning on buying a new notebook after Microsoft releases Vista and I find a Vista compliant notebook with all the bells and whistles required to play ArmA at high settings.

One last thing, while I'm typing. I'm currently hosting the FAQ on a premium web hosting package. Since OFP is winding down (even more so once ArmA is released), I plan to revert back to a much more elementary hosting package, reducing my out-of-pocket expenses. That might result in slower page retrievals in the future. Just a heads up.

HOT NEWS: Roll call - attention all OFP players! (added November 3, 2005)

Please take a moment to go over to the OFP Players Map and add your map pin for rest of the OFP international community to see.

HOT NEWS: OFP Standalone Server for Windows, version 1.96C beta, released. (added August 15, 2005)

This is the latest version of OFP's MP server. This version includes added and improved anti-hacking features. Why should cheaters prosper, right?



HOT NEWS: And now....... a word from our Leader! (added June 22, 2005)

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of OFP's release:

June 22, 2005

Open Letter to the Operation Flashpoint Community

Dear Operation Flashpoint community,

Thank you for your continuous interest in Operation Flashpoint. The excitement and support you share with the rest of the community is invaluable and we’re glad that so many people understood our vision for realistic and open style computer games and started working on so many missions, addons and modifications of their own.

It has been a busy 4 years since the first commercial release of Operation Flashpoint (OFP). We successfully released the official expansion pack Resistance, developed a specifically tailored version of our technology for serious military training users (VBS1), released many updates to the game until 2004 and at the same time we were working on research and development of our second generation technology. While all this was happening, the community created many different conflicts, covering everything from Napoleonic to current militaria and beyond. There are now thousands of addons available with new content being created every day, including mods which change virtually every facet of the game, converting it into something new and fresh looking.

Now, we are near the beginning of a new period and it provides a good opportunity to give you a direct update as to our views and plans. First of all, we would like to assure you that we’re fully dedicated to the game world we created in OFP and fully dedicated to you, the community that assembled around the game. Your passion and creativity never ceases to surprise and astonish us and your passion always drives us forward.

As you’re probably aware, we currently do not have a publisher for our upcoming games and also, the Operation Flashpoint trade mark name is an intellectual property of Codemasters and thus we cannot use the name or directly control what the name will be used for. It means that unless Codemasters were to publish any of our upcoming games (which is still a possible scenario) it definitely wouldn’t be named Operation Flashpoint. But whatever names we will use our dedication to complex, realistic simulation and large open ended game environments will remain the same.

We have almost finished the special new version of our military combat game for Xbox. Considering the system’s limited memory we’re really proud that we haven’t removed a single feature, nor did we limit any aspect of the original PC military game and we fully kept the spirit of the original whilst managing to improve the graphics as well improving and adding to many aspects of realism, environment and ambient life. It’s different to anything console gamers have ever seen and that’s another reason for us to finally have this game published. We’re confident no other game on console offers this level of realism, scope or freedom. Playing a realistic military simulation in your living room, sitting on a comfortable chair, watching a large TV screen and listening to high performance surround sound speakers is definitely a unique feeling, even if you’ve already played the game a lot on PC.

Armed Assault (working title, aka ArmA) will be our next title for PC with an expected release date prior to the end of 2005. It will bring you a new engine with numerous improvements, including a completely new Direct X 9 graphics engine with support for detailed vegetation and dynamic water, reworked physical simulation and collision detection. Not forgetting of course, support for join in progress multiplayer. It will also contain a brand new environment and campaign set in the recent past. We also keep in mind all of the great community content created so far and we’ll try to make it as easy as possible to convert and use any OFP content in ArmA. Good news for addon makers is that porting their work into ArmA will help prepare them for future releases of our engine, which in the coming years will expand over many areas the ability of our technology.

On behalf of Bohemia Interactive

Marek Spanel

HOT NEWS: BIS' official OFP2 press release. (added May 20, 2005)

Lookee here. I've also added the new pics to The FAQ's OFP2 picture gallery.

HOT NEWS: 51 gorgeous OFP2 pictures released by BIS. (added May 20, 2005)

A good start for The FAQ's OFP2 picture gallery.

HOT NEWS: Armed Assault website is now active! (added May 19, 2005)

Pay a visit to the Armed Assault website now. That's an order, soldier!

HOT NEWS: BIS' official Armed Assault press release. (updated May 19, 2005)

Press release text and new pics available on BIS' site. Major features:

HOT NEWS: For those asking about the chopper pic below....... (updated May 19, 2005)

It was taken from this Gamestar Germany article. About that pic, BIS forum moderator Ralph Wiggum said:

The screenshot by above mentioned German magazine is OFP2, in game. I'd like to remind you that it is still a work in progress. it's what the engine can do that knocked me out, not the graphics alone.

An English translation of the Gamestar article, thanks to MachoMan and OFPEC:

Operation Flashpoint gets two successors simultaneously

Operation Flashpoint developer Bohemia Interactive is simultaneously working on two titles which should, gameplay wise, remind us of the classics. We have seen both at E3.

The more exciting is the game which is yet to be named. (i.e OFP2) In their own words Bohemia Interactive is working on a “Next generation PC-game”. It is reminiscent of Operation Flashpoint, but will be considerably more dynamic. In all three chapters both friendly and enemy AI-units are fighting 24/7. Outside the battlefield action the game generates missions, in which, in the first chapter, the player will fight as a grunt. In the second chapter the player commands his own troops in the field and chooses his own missions. The third chapter will be fought as a Kevlar-wearing elite soldier, who crawls and sabotages behinds enemy lines.

As in Operation Flashpoint you also fly or drive tanks, choppers, trucks, jeeps and boats. RPG (rocket propelled grenade) elements will spice up the slaughter. You will have rudimentary conversations with soldiers (“How many Russian tanks did you see?”) and improve your soldiers’ skills as the game progresses.

Bohemia Interactive has yet to find a publisher: the nameless game will at best be released in late 2006. Why is the game nameless? Publisher Codemasters has the rights to the Operation Flashpoint name, but Bohemia is no longer working with Codemasters.

The other game, Armed Assault, is a graphically improved remake of Operation Flashpoint. The tactical shooter again takes place in an isolated world, NATO forces are again fighting Soviets, and the game mechanics stay the same. In the beginning you will fight as a soldier, pilot or tanker in a dynamic battle. Later in the game you will command your own battalion of tanks or choppers. In comparison to the original, Armed Assault offers higher resolution textures and detailed models, however the graphics look out-dated. Armed Assault will be released in the fourth quarter of 2005.

HOT NEWS: Finally, the emmes on OFP2, OFP Xbox and Armed Assault. (added May 19, 2005)

BIS forum moderator Ralph "I have a gun" Wiggum reveals what there is to know on this BIS forum post:

Posted: May 19 2005,01:29

I'll fess up and say that I just got back from E3, and first thing I did was to visit BIS.

I won't go into any details of what has been achieved, but I'll say this.

All you non-believers and infidels! Repent, for you've been wrong!

Basically I finally have a reason why I live.

So I can say with my confidence that there is nothing Flashpointers have to worry about. Once it is released, you will lose your job, girlfriend, because OFP2 will be worth it.

I'd like to thank BIS crew at E3 for putting up with me drooling on the floor.

Note to members: I wish I could post more, but I have a life and cannot post more often. Even if you ask questions, I'll be quite hesitant to give you answers anyway since all those glues I ate are now affecting my memory.

HOT NEWS: Official BIS press release for OFP's Xbox equivalent. (added May 18, 2005)

Read it here. Note that at this time, it states "Publisher: To be determined". What happened to Codemasters? Interesting!

HOT NEWS: Even more OFP Xbox screens! (added May 18, 2005)

Things are trickling in again.

HOT NEWS: Some OFP Xbox screens for yas. (added May 17, 2005)

Aren't you happy E3 is just around the corner?

HOT NEWS: A new OFP2 flash presentation. (added May 16, 2005)

This is a direct link to what's otherwise now viewable on channel 2 at the official OFP2 site. Pics from the presentation:

HOT NEWS: OFP2's real name is.................... (added May 16, 2005)

Armed Assault.

HOT NEWS: BIS releases first in-game OFP2 pics for E3. (added May 16, 2005)

Words are unnecessary.

HOT NEWS: The Avon Lady's "Pigs Can Fly" Campaign. (added January 30, 2005)

How stupid of me! My "Pigs Can Fly" Campaign has been out for several weeks now and I never mentioned it on my own FAQ. I'm so humble.

Anyway, you'll now find it in The FAQ's MOM section, of course.

HOT NEWS: OFP Xbox version has NOT been canceled. (updated January 18, 2005)

So responds Codemasters.

HOT NEWS: OFP2 delayed until spring 2006. (added August 6, 2004)

So it says on Codemasters' OFP2 page. How depressing!

HOT NEWS: Ballistic Addon Studio (BAS) ceases development of OFP addons. (added July 5, 2004)

We must all say goodbye, for the time being, to one of OFP's greatest addons teams. BAS' official announcement follows below. Fare thee well, BAS!


05 July 2004 Ballistic Addons Studio


Ballistic Addons Studio (BAS) would like to announce that it is ceasing to develop addons for the OFP1 platform.

"The past few years have been very exciting and rewarding for all in the BAS team, and we would firstly like to thank the OFP community for the tremendous support it has given us." said Tigershark, founder of BAS.

"Sadly, external commitments have made it increasingly hard for us to devote the time required to develop new high-quality addons for OFP1, and thus we have taken the decision to draw this work to a close."

"As a result of this decision, our final OFP1 releases will be an updated version of the BAS Pavehawks and a new Tonali Special Forces pack for the Tonal series. We are exploring ways in which other updated BAS projects can be finalized, but for the moment this and all other previously announced projects must be regarded as shelved. Naturally, we regret any disappointment that may be caused by this news."

"Crucially, the shift away from OFP1 development is by no means the end for BAS. Looking forward, we shall be spending our time researching and preparing for the anticipated OFP2 platform. It is very much the intention of the BAS team to return to the active development of addons for the community at some point in the future."

"Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the years. There is a vibrant and talented development community for OFP1 - one which we are very proud to have helped create - and despite our departure from this area we shall continue to look forward to, and to enjoy, the great work of the other studios and mod teams."

For further information please contact:

Tigershark - <>
Fer - <>

HOT NEWS: Linux Dedicated Server 1.96 beta has arrived. (added February 9, 2004)

It took BIS about two weeks but, today, they released the 1.96 beta server for Linux.

HOT NEWS: Resurrection. (added February 6, 2004)

The OFP Editing Center (OFPEC) is up and running again. Nice to have you back!

HOT NEWS: My! How time flies! BIS releases OFP patch 1.96 beta. (updated February 9, 2004)

A little more than a week has passed since BIS released patch version 1.95 beta and now OFP version 1.96 beta is released. Here are the files:

Here are the changes made in this patch, quoted straight from the README:



- When MP mission file transfer fails, client is disconnected

1.95 specific bugs:

- Fixed SCUD animation bug introduced in 1.95

- Fixed long blue triangle artifacts introduced in 1.95

HOT NEWS: BIS releases OFP patch 1.95 beta. (updated January 17, 2004)

BIS just released OFP version 1.95 beta. Here are the files:

Here are the changes made in this patch, quoted straight from the README:


1.95  - Fixed: More improvements in virtual address range handling.

1.95  - Fixed: AI units could not take any magazines.

1.95  - Improved: Several anti-cheat measures implemented.

1.95  - Improved: AI Airplane dogfight evasive tactics.

1.95  - Fixed: Airplane rudder working during flight.

1.95  - Fixed: after load, engine was off for cars, tanks and planes

1.95  - Optimized: Much faster map drawing for very big islands.

1.95  - Fixed: Rendering artifact: White dots or lines on a terrain when using HW T&L.

1.95  - Fixed: Bug in animation loading. As a result some 3rd party addons with custom animation could cause a crash.

1.95  - Fixed: Ship wobbling when going south and using mouse controls.

HOT NEWS: OFP2 - change of plans? (added December 26, 2003)

I've just come back from a wonderful family vacation down in Eilat. Lots of sun and warm air. Great mountain and jeep treks. The Dolphin Reef, Underwater Observatory Marine Park and Yellow Submarine (yes, we went down 63 meters).

Now I'm back home with three loads of laundry and BIS has dropped a bombshell on us with a brand new motif for their OFP2 site. What's going on? Let's analyze this together here at The FAQ.

HOT NEWS: Apologies for BAS Tonal Island Expansion Pack download problems. (added October 26, 2003)

Many of you have emailed me about the inability to download this great pack. I apologize but FileFront, who hosts The FAQ's file downloads, has not responded to my support requests over the last two weeks.

In the meantime, I've updated  the BAS Tonal Island Expansion Pack review page in The FAQ's MOM section. to point to other download mirror links.

HOT NEWS: Hotfix dedicated server version 1.94 beta for Linux is out. (added October 20, 2003)

Get it here: 1.94 beta server for Linux. Server program was updated to fix frequent crashing when users were disconnecting or kicked.

HOT NEWS: Hotfix dedicated server version 1.94 beta for Windows is out. (added October 15, 2003)

Get it here: 1.94 beta server for Windows XP/2000. Server program was updated to fix frequent crashing when users were disconnecting or kicked.

HOT NEWS: Got the BAS Tonal Island Expansion Pack? Now get the patch! (added October 12, 2003)

You'll find the download link for the newly released patch on the BAS Tonal Island Expansion Pack review page in The FAQ's MOM section.

HOT NEWS: BIS releases OFP patch 1.94 beta. (updated October 20, 2003)

Earlier today, BIS released OFP version 1.94 beta. Although it's marked beta, I highly recommend it, as it corrects some annoying glitches that were still present in the previous 1.92 beta version.

Here are the files:

As for changes made in this patch, here they are, straight from the README:



- Various crash opportunities fixed.

- Better handling of virtual memory address space. When this space was exhausted, it could cause a crash or olive green screen.

- AI waypoint delays and other AI degradation was possible on very fast CPU.

- Command line option -nomap was sometimes ignored.


- Fixed terrain lighting direction bug.

- Autocentering force did not work properly on some joysticks including MS Sidewinder FF 2.


- Unit killed inside a vehicle sometimes did not respawn.

- Gunner aiming was unstable. - Visual glithes in the ingame browser.


- Command "private" did not work when variable name contained any upper case letter.

- Event handlers were not saved properly (affects some 3rd party addons).



1.93  - Fixed: MP: Some .pbo files containing subdirectories were not accessed correctly on Linux server. This
included sounds.pbo and voice.pbo.

1.93  - Improved: Nonconnectable sessions are on the end of MP session list

1.93  - Fixed: Wrong time left info position in MP session list

1.93  - Fixed: Lighting direction was wrong on terrain (bug was present since version 1.00 and even before)

1.93  - Fixed: Units inside vehicles sometimes did not respawn.

1.93  - Fixed: Autocentering force did not work properly on some joysticks including MS Sidewinder FF 2.

1.93  - Fixed: MP: Small numeric error in vehicle orientation network transfer could make gunner aiming very difficult
(cursor could move with no reason).

1.93  - Fixed: Crash when SCUD launch sound loading failed.

1.93  - Fixed: Possible crash during removeAllEventHandlers.

1.93  - Fixed: Crash possible when deleteVehicle was used in waypoint "On activation" field.

1.93  - Fixed: Scripting command "private" did not work when variable name contained any upper case letter.

1.93  - Fixed: Crash when too long mod list entered

1.93  - Fixed: Crash when "variants" field in the voice config was empty.

1.93  - Fixed: Scripting command drop could cause crash when used with NULL object.

1.93  - Fixed: Event handlers were not saved properly.

1.93  - Fixed: New command line option -nomap was ignored sometimes.

1.93  - Fixed: AI waypoint delays and other AI degradation possible on very fast (~3GHz) CPU due to bad handling of
high resolution timers.

HOT NEWS: EXTRA! EXTRA! Avon given the 3rd degree, spills beans! (added September 10, 2003)

I'm OK. Really. No damsel in distress here for you potential knights in shining armor to save. I've just been interviewed over at Got Flashpoint's WEB site. You'll find the interview right over here. Sorry, no autographs!

HOT NEWS: OFP2 release schedule delayed. (added September 8, 2003)

This was just announced by BIS' Marek Spanel yesterday in an interview with Czech gaming site Doupe.CZ. Thanks to OFP.CZ for the heads-up.

HOT NEWS: While I was out.................... (added August 28, 2003)

Last week, on August 22, BIS released a beta version of OFP 1.92. Keeping in mind that this is still beta, if you want to toy with it, here are the files:

As for changes made in this patch, here they are, straight from the README:


1.92  - Fixed: Game occasionally freeze when AI with handgun rearms.
1.92  - Fixed: Event handler "init" is now launched on all machines in MP game
1.92  - Improved: MP: faster response in MP-game setup (mission setup,
        roles assignment, connecting to server, ..)
1.92  - Fixed: Avoid delete of partition when DirectPlay server creation failed
1.92  - Fixed: Different file-access technique used when memory mapping fails.
        This should prevent Cannot memory map file errors. This alternative
        technique can be also enforced for all files by using command line switch -nomap
1.92  - Fixed: Crashes in MP when somebody used ammunition which does not exist on other
        computers (for example in mods)
1.92  - Added: Testing of -mod compatibility in MP

HOT NEWS: Avon's Back! (added August 28, 2003)

We had a great family vacation, somewhere in Europe, over the last week and a half. It's back to home, office and The FAQ for me full time!

HOT NEWS: Here's another little goodie from BAS. (added August 11, 2003)

It's a Joint Ammo and Magazines (JAM) SP/MP mission pack (3,783 KB). It contains a combination of SP and MP mission, demonstrating JAM units and weapons. Some of the missions are new and original, while other are official OFP missions converted to be JAM compliant.

HOT NEWS: BAS Blackhawks, SOAR pilots and JAM addons released! (added August 11, 2003)

They're all wrapped up in one ZIP file. The pack includes four Blackhawks, a wrecked Blackhawk, five SOAR pilot units, a sample mission and the Joint Ammo and Magazines (JAM) addon. JAM's purpose is to enable a player to use units and weapons from different authors and mods while retaining the ability to share ammo magazines. We should be seeing a lot of JAM compliant addons coming out in the future.

OK, no more yapping. Here's the Blackhawks/SOAR/JAM addons file. (22,415 KB).

And, as an added bonus, BAS in-house mission maker Nagual has released this Blackhawk SP/MP mission pack (3,278 KB), as well as an update to his earlier BAS SpecOps SP/MP mission pack (7,933 KB). Note that the Blackhawk SP/MP mission pack contains a more updated version of the BAS Blackhawk demo SP mission that's included in the Blackhawks/SOAR/JAM addons file.

This should keep you all busy for a little while!

HOT NEWS: Invasion 1944 Demo Version 1.2 is out! (added August 10, 2003)

It's a major improvement over the already excellent version 1.0 demo that came out earlier this year. I had a lot of fun being one of the I44 beta testers. Now you can enjoy it, too! There are two download flavors to choose from:

HOT NEWS: High resolution OFP islands, by FatWombat. (added August 3, 2003)

Here's a simple way to enhance a lot of your everyday OFP gameplay. Read about the islands and download them from this FAQ item.

HOT NEWS: BIS is developing a version 1.92 patch. (added July 11, 2003)

This nice news just in from BIS' forums:

We considered some newly recognized issues in version 1.91 and we decided to develop a new version 1.92 patch.

We plan to focus on the following issues:

We expect the patch is going to be released as a public beta version first. We will try to release the 1.92 beta patch before the end of July.

Marek Spanel - Operation Flashpoint Project Leader

HOT NEWS: BIS finally releases their Visitor 2 Light island-editing utility. (added June 19, 2003)

Many an OFP island addon maker have been waiting for this day. Go over to BIS' Breathe site and download the Visitor 2 Light. Make sure you download Visitor's tutorial as well. Now go out there and build worlds!

HOT NEWS: File download problems resolved. (updated June 15, 2003)

The FAQ's file hosting service, FileFront, has made major changes to their site, interface and servers. Last week, there were problems downloading any files that The FAQ hosts there (missions, addons, etc.). I've contacted FileFront support and they've since rectified the problem. My apologies for the inconvenience.

HOT NEWS: OFPEC's Addons Depot has been re-launched. (added June 15, 2003)

The OFP Editing Center (OFPEC) Addons Depot has been re-launched, with the aim of being the premier OFP addons hosting site. All submitted addons are reviewed, and there are new, advanced sorting features to make it easy for you to find the addons you require. In addition, the OFPEC Addons Depot supports Addons At Ease (AAE) and AMORE compliant addons and will be listing them separately in the future.

There are no size limitations for submitted addons and the OFPEC Addons Depot will gladly host large addon and mod files. Addons submitted to the  OFPEC Addons Depot will be available for immediate download, even prior to their review by OFPEC Addons Depot staffers.

HOT NEWS: Dangerous bug discovered in OFP! (added June 12, 2003)

OFP could potentially wipe out your entire disk drive's data. I kid you not! See this FAQ item for details.

HOT NEWS: Independence Lost is not lost! (added June 11, 2003)

For the lowdown, see The FAQ's main Independence Lost page.

HOT NEWS: The FAQ introduced AMORE! (added May 27, 2003)

Avon's Multimedia for Ofp REpository (AMORE) is a new and easy way to distribute OFP music and sound files separately from the missions they've been bundled into until now.

What's that good for? How does it work? What other uses does AMORE have? Is AMORE proprietary? You can find out by going straight to The FAQ's new AMORE section, now listed on The FAQ's menu at the left (if not, refresh/reload the menu's frame).

AMORE is a working concept in progress, so bear with me while it takes shape. Thanks!

HOT NEWS: OFP2 will span the globe! (added May 8, 2003)


Operation Flashpoint 2 will feature three different theatres of combat set in environments across Southeast Asia, Central Europe and Africa. Don't believe me? Visit the official OFP2 website and see for yourself!

HOT NEWS: Unofficial anim cutscene for Invasion 1944's Sicily Island. (updated May 1, 2003)

Did you install the ever so lovely Invasion 1944 Mod Demo and hoped it would include an anim cutscene for the demo's Sicily Island? Have no fear, Avon's here! I converted OFP's classic anim cutscene for Malden Island to work with I44's Sicily Island, using I44's soldier and vehicle units. Download it from The FAQ (link corrected).

HOT NEWS: Battle Over Hokkaido Mod Demo. (added April 29, 2003)

Sounds Japanese to you? Or are you just showing off your geography skills? No matter. What does matter, though, is that you take a look at this excellent mod. Here's my review, on The FAQ's MOM section.

HOT NEWS: I'm still here. (added April 25, 2003)

Been in and out on vacation over the last 10 days or so. Below are some newsworthy items I've just added, that have accumulated over the last couple of days.

HOT NEWS: OFP2 officially announced by BIS and CM. (added April 25, 2003)

Details in the new OFP2 section at The FAQ.

HOT NEWS: Ballistic Addon Studios releases their long awaited MH-47E Chinook addon. (added April 25, 2003)

The folks at Ballistic have done it again! First there were the Littlebirds. Then there were the Delta and Ranger units and weapons. Now comes along their MH-47E Chinook helicopter addon. What a show! This bird is packed with extras: opening ramp, rope rappelling, cargo storage and drop, flares, missile radar jamming and much more.

The FAQ is mirroring the BAS MH-47E addon file here, along with BAS' MH-47E demo mission pack (V1.11) over here.

HOT NEWS: Kegetys releases high resolution sky textures for OFP. (added April 25, 2003)

Simply ingenious, that Kegetys is. He's come up with an addon that enhances your OFP viewing experience in every mission you'll play. You can download Kegetys' Hi Sky addon from here. Make sure you follow the install instruction carefully.

HOT NEWS: City Of The Dead - final version. (added April 25, 2003)

Asmodeus' winning MOM mission, City Of The Dead, has been officially updated past beta phase. The final version can be downloaded from the mission's review page on The FAQ's MOM section.

HOT NEWS: I needed a demo mission for Suchey & Earl's Current Conflict USMC addon. (added April 10, 2003)

Since no one else seems to have made one, I produced one with a familiar name: Ambush USMC. Want to download the addon and the mission? You'll find them both on The FAQ's MOM section, on this review page.

HOT NEWS: BIS announces "Addons At Ease" (AAE). (added April 10, 2003)

Dear Addon makers,

We believe it's time to try to change the way how addons are distributed, if we want them to be more accessible to every user of Operation Flashpoint.

In order to achieve this, we want to introduce an initiative, "Addons at ease" in the near future.

We want to address following issues:

1) Convenient, simple and standard install/uninstall of addons/missions for Operation Flashpoint. For this we developed a special utility to creat MSI Windows Installer files to install any Operation Flashpoint addon or mission.

2) Most addons currently come without any mission. We believe any addon for the general public should come at least with one simple demo mission.

3) Many addons and mission require some other addons, etc., so it's sometimes very hard to get it all working in the game. Ideally, we would like to see single files containing logical collection of addons and missions and have gamers to get just the single file to play with it in the game (without having to open the mission editor etc.).

4) We want the OFPEC TAG system to become standard in the addon making community as it seems the only reasonable way how to keep addons compatible.

5) We consider version 1.90/1.91 as the only supported platforms for this initiative.

At the end, we would like to advertise selected best quality addons compliant with our initiative at, which we hope will bring more fun to all of us and more recognition to you, creators of great new content for the game.

I know there's a lot of eventual controversy and issues in this effort. I recommend you to use this thread to general comments to the initiative and to start new threads if you would like to discuss any specific point into deeper detail.


Marek Spanel, Operation Flashpoint Project Leader

HOT NEWS: Something's coming up next week! (added April 9, 2003)

I just got a "Codemasters Command Center Newsletter email. At the end of the OFP News column, it says:

Be sure to look out for any potential Flashpoint news next week.
Check out the Code M Newsletter for more info.

I checked the current Code M Newsletter. Looks like it hasn't been updated at this point. Stay tuned!

HOT NEWS: BIS' Operation Flashpoint 2 (OFP2) site revealed. (added April 9, 2003)

Want to know the latest about OFP2? Well, don't get too excited - yet. There's a new OFP2 section at The FAQ and I'll be updating it as more details become available.

HOT NEWS: The FAQ's April Fools page worked as expected. (added April 2, 2003)

If you missed The FAQ's April Fools page, you can still view it here. I received quite a number of concerned letters, though no one offered me free legal services or donations towards attorneys fees and court expenses.

HOT NEWS: BIS releases the 1.91 edition of the Red Hammer compatibility patch? (added March 30, 2003)

You don't need this patch if you've already installed an earlier edition of this patch. Owners of the OFP GOTY Edition CD also don't need this patch.

Only players who have installed OFP from the OFP: Resistance CD and have not previously installed any prior versions of the Red Hammer compatibility patch need to look here for details.

HOT NEWS: Can you get to BIS' OFP Behind-The-Scenes WEB site? (added March 25, 2003)

BIS has put us on a quest to find their new hidden WEB site. More about that here. Happy hunting!

HOT NEWS: Final version 1.91 upgrade patch and server programs released by BIS. (added March 25, 2003)

All the 1.91 files are available from BIS' downloads page.

If you've previously installed the beta version of the 1.91 upgrade patch, you do not need to install the final version. They are exactly the same.

HOT NEWS: Version 1.11 of the DKM Mod's Comanche helicopter is here! (added March 9, 2003)

The DKM Mod has just released an updated version of their Comanche helicopter addon. Besides many corrections, there are lots of new goodies, including two new Comanche models, new animations and lots more. The FAQ's mirror download link can be found at the bottom of the Quanah Parker Mission Pack review page in The FAQ's MOM section. NOTE: No changes have been made to the Quanah Parker Mission Pack itself. Only the DKM MOD Comanche Addon's new version has to be downloaded to be fully updated.

The DKM Mod has also released a "Typerating" demo mission to go along with the revised Comanche edition. You can download the demo mission from here.

HOT NEWS: Say hello to The FAQ's new section: O/MTV! (added February 26, 2003)

I came up with this idea a couple of months ago to gather together OFP related video clips and quality cutscene missions and make them available from The FAQ. The time has come. Introducing OFP Media TV or O/MTV for short.

You'll find O/MTV listed in The FAQ's left hand menu for quick access. If you don't see it listed there, now's a good time to refresh the left hand menu frame in your WEB browser.

Like The FAQ's MOM section, you can subscribe to receive news by email of new O/MTV entries, as they are added to the O/MTV archives. Details are at the top of the O/MTV archives page.

HOT NEWS: The Swordfish Trilogy Mission Pack. (added February 14, 2003)

I've just released a 3-mission pack of King 6's classic missions, Swordfish I, II and III, fully enhanced and corrected and to run with any version of OFP, from 1.30 and up. Even if you already have these missions, you should consider adding these renditions to your collection.

For all the details about the new Swordfish Trilogy Mission Pack, go over to the pack's review page in The FAQ's MOM section.

HOT NEWS: New pages and pics at Independence Lost's WEB site. (updated February 4, 2003)

Take a look at The FAQ's updated item on Independence Lost for the details.

HOT NEWS: Yet even more proof that Independence Lost is anything but lost. (added February 3, 2003)

Independence Lost's official WEB site came back online for the first time in over half a year.

HOT NEWS: More proof that Independence Lost is anything but lost. (updated February 3, 2003)

OFP reg Vixer just pointed out something very interesting to all of us.

Click on one of the thumbnails of Seventh Australia's site's new splash screen, below, and you'll see what I mean. For those that don't know it yet, Seventh is the band that contributed OFP's rock music scores. In addition, Seventh's leader, David Lagettie, has been associated with BIS' Australian team. You didn't know they had one? Tsk. Whatever is know to date about Independence Lost can be found in this FAQ item.

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

HOT NEWS: I found some OFP collectabilia in an old backup. (added January 28, 2003)

Anyone remember The Avon Lady's OFP Tattler? Sigh. Those were the days!

HOT NEWS: Avon's Quanah Parker Mission Pack. (added January 23, 2003)

I so much enjoyed the DKM Mod's new Comanche helicopter addon that I put together an SP mission pack for you all to enjoy. For the details and to find out who was Quanah Parker, you're going to have to go to the mission pack's review page in The FAQ's MOM section.

HOT NEWS: 1969 Vietnam Campaign Version 2 is here! (updated January 21, 2003)

The Original version of Spanky-G's 1969 Vietnam Campaign has been adapted by yours truly to work with the SEB Nam Pack 2. Read all about it and download the campaign from The FAQ's MOM section.

HOT NEWS: Invasion 1944 Mod's Mini Demo released. (added January 13, 2003)

This is actually old news, as the mini demo has been out for about two weeks already. What's new is that the demo has now been reviewed and is available for download from The FAQ's MOM section. You'll also find two user made sample missions for the Invasion 1944 Mod's Mini Demo in MOM section - one by OFP veteran AndOne and another by me.

HOT NEWS: The FAQ's Mission Of the Moment (MOM) Archives goes XML! (added January 6, 2003)

The MOM section has been a very popular attraction here at The FAQ since its inception. To help you MOM fans browse the listed missions, I've incorporated some elementary XML technology to let you sort the archives by mission name, author, mission type, ranking and date reviewed.

A big MaxRes to OFP players Brian Richardson for correcting my XML and to players John Griffiths and Sean for their suggestions as well.

HOT NEWS: The FAQ's new International Missions Archive is open for business. (added January 5, 2003)

There are a lot of OFP missions out there in languages other than English. Wouldn't it be great if English speaking people in other countries could play those missions, too? That's the idea behind The FAQ's new International Missions Archive section. Or call it IMA, for short. It's also listed on The FAQ's left hand menu. If you don't see it, try refreshing the left hand FAQ frame in your browser.

UPDATE, February 27, 2003: Due to lack of interest, The FAQ's IMA section has been closed.

HOT NEWS: Independence Lost Lives! (added January 5, 2003)

It doesn't really come as a surprise to me but I can now state with a lot more certainty than before that Independence Lost is anything but dead. Now stop hyperventilating and calm down because that's about all I can tell you and, in fact, that's about all that I know. I'm not even sure if the pic below is from Independence Lost but it just might be.


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