OFP Media TV (O/MTV) Archives

Need some entertainment to liven up your life? A relaxing OFP video clip? An action packed cutscene mission or maybe something completely different? Gee, you must be desperate. No matter! The Avon Lady and O/MTV are here to cater to your fickle whims.

O/MTV entries are rated from 1 to 3 stars. A rating of one star does not mean the entry is terrible. O/MTV isn't interested in terrible video clips or cutscene missions to begin with. Let's say that one star is good, two is very good and three is excellent.

Video clips listed at O/MTV are played using an appropriate media player. Cutscene missions downloadable from O/MTV may require the latest version of OFP. Your mileage may vary when playing these cutscene missions with earlier OFP versions.

If you would like to be automatically notified whenever a new entry is added to O/MTV, just email omtv@theavonlady.org and set the email's subject line to the word "subscribe" (without the quotes). Comments, suggestions for new O/MTV entries and constructive criticism should otherwise be sent directly to me.

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