Why isn't my weapons inventory carrying over to the next mission?

This is a known bug in OFP: Resistance version 1.75 - and a very critical one at that! One of the big benefits of OFP: Resistance is the ability to collect or pool weapons and equipment in one mission that will be carried over to the following missions. Several players are reporting that sometimes their weapons inventory is virtually gone when they start playing the following mission.

To resolve this problem, simply upgrade to version 1.85 or higher. However, if you can't upgrade for some reason, BIS' lead OFP programmer, Ondrej Spanel, says there are actually two bugs that can lead to lost weapons and two ways to avoid the problem:


You will loose your weapons pool whenever you click on REVERT or CONTINUE in the following missions:

Note: Your weapons will be lost when you press CONTINUE if you abort either of these missions before they start (by pressing on CANCEL during the briefing). You will not loose your weapons if your mission has already started and you want to continue playing it.

How to avoid the REVERT/CONTINUE bug

For the First Strike mission, you'll have to REVERT back to mission Field Exercise. For the Fireworks mission, instead of clicking on CONTINUE, REVERT back to the preceding cutscene.

Transfer to WeaponPool bug

Mission command functions addWeaponPool/addMagazinePool do not work at all. In several campaign missions your weapons or weapons of your AI teammates should be transferred to the weapons pool. Instead the player always receives default equipment for the mission. As as result, the weapons inventory is lost. This applies to the following missions:

How to avoid Transfer to WeaponPool bug

Before ending any of the missions above, store your weapons in a car or in an ammo crate and command your AI teammates to do the same.