When is OFP: Resistance being released?

OFP: Resistance was originally supposed to be released on June 21, 2002. Some time ago, Codemasters announced that the official release date was pushed off by a week, to June 28.

Now, online software retailers in North America are showing availability dates in early or mid-July. For example, Amazon.com now shows the release date as being July 11. So far, European retailers, such as Amazon.UK, are still showing the June 28 release date.

Who knows? Well, Codemasters does. On June 25, they sent out an email that stated that OFP: Resistance's European release date is still June 28 but that the North American release date has been postponed until July 2.

Say, how about Australia and the rest of the folks down under? From what I'm reading on the forums, OFP: Resistance will be made available there as of July 10. Bugger!