Is there an official list of changes and fixes introduced by OFP: Resistance?

This list was released by Ondrej Spanel, BIS' Lead OFP Programmer, on July 15, 2002:

1.75 - Added: function object

1.75 - Added: function setObjectTexture

1.75 - Added: function primaryWeapons, secondaryWeapons

1.75 - Added: function skill, setSkill

- Added: function weapons, magazines

1.75 - Added: user actions assigned to vehicle type (ATUserType)

1.75 - Added: Support for reload animations for vehicles

1.75 - Added: functions animate, animationPhase

1.75 - Added: function fillWeaponsFromPool

1.75 - New: rotation machine gun animation

1.75 - Added: functions saveIdentity, loadIdentity

1.75 - Added: function drop

1.75 - Added: Play user defined sound (voice) when section in briefing changes

1.75 - Added: directory structure at single missions

1.75 - Added: Player can drop actual weapon and magazine

1.75 - Added: functions saveStatus, loadStatus

1.75 - Added: functions addWeaponPool, addMagazinePool

- Added: functions putWeaponPool, pickWeaponPool

- Added: functions clearWeaponPool, clearMagazinePool

- Added: functions queryWeaponPool, queryMagazinePool

1.75 - Added: script initIntro.sqs is launched on the beginning of intro

1.75 - New: Terrain subdivision to make terrain data appear smmother.

1.75 - Added: Player can take weapons and magazines from vehicle if sitting in cargo

1.75 - Added: Blood slops under dead bodies

1.75 - Improved: Group page in briefing

1.75 - Improved: Gear page in briefing

1.75 - Added: functions onBriefingPlan, onBriefingNotes, onBriefingGear, onBriefingGroup

1.75 - Added: exit.sqs script launched if mission ends

1.75 - Added: user defined dialogs

- functions createDialog, closeDialog

- functions ctrlVisible, ctrlEnabled, ctrlShow, ctrlEnable, ctrlText, ctrlSetText

- functions buttonAction, buttonSetAction

- functions lbSize, lbCurSel, lbSetCurSel, lbClear, lbAdd, lbDelete

- functions lbText, lbData, lbSetData, lbValue, lbSetValue, lbPicture, lbSetPicture, lbColor, lbSetColor

1.70 - Fixed: Improved dead body collisons.

1.70 - Added: Support for templates in banks

1.66 - Improved: Mission editor - sort vehicle types in Insert unit dialog

1.64 - Fixed: Lighting of interior objects (like furniture) was broken, they were often black.

1.63 - New: When mission attempts to use addon that is not listed in mission addOns header, error message is shown.

1.63 - Improved: Addons added by mission editor as required are also removed by the mission editor.

1.63 - Changed: Addon requirements are now determined by addon entry creator, not only by CfgPatches config section. This makes addon list more reliable with addons that omitted to list some added types.

1.63 - Fixed: AIPilot headChange was wrong if vehicle was banked (like motorcycle).

1.63 - Fixed: Shining faces in optics and ironsight view did not shine.

1.63 - Changed: Increased addon safety: Addons can now only add classes, not single entries, in ReadAndCreate config areas.

1.62 - Added: optional parameter for function say - titles speed

1.62 - Fixed: Map contour drawing was not correct in some places with highly variable gradient.

1.62 - Added: Instead of arrays controls], objects] and controlsBackground] classes may be used. This way it is not necessary to write class names twice.

1.61 - Fixed: Enable put action for all owned explosives

1.61 - Added: Label of waypoint, unit or trigger in mission editor now contains extended information.

1.61 - Fixed: Helicopters can no longer stay under water.

1.61 - Fixed: Map has wrong center when notepad is hidden

1.61 - Fixed: Multiplayer setup display - when roles was scrolled down and switched on side with fewer roles, listbox was corrupted

1.61 - Fixed: SetPos scripting command now changes vehicle orientation accordingly to terrain.

1.61 - Fixed: Decreased car lateral air friction. This should make car free fall speed higher (more realistic).

1.61 - Changed: CfgSounds, RscTitles and CfgSFX no longer require array listing class names. This enables addons to add new entries that can be used in mission editor.

1.61 - Fixed: Tanks now move main gun intro neutral position after any collision. This should make tank movement in urban areas more robust.

1.59 - Added: Ingame server browser

1.59 - Fixed: Fonts in some dialogs or briefing were sometimes blurred.

1.58 - New: New scripting function setTerrainGrid.

1.58 - Fixed: Group respawn - sometimes two nonleader units respawns into single body

1.58 - Fixed: It was possible to see through coast in some places (e.g. Kolgujev Fd72)

1.58 - Fixed: Second wheels on 8-wheels vehicles (SCUD) were not animated.

1.58 - Fixed: Car jumping after explosion fixed.

1.58 - Fixed: Airplane jumping after crash fixed.

1.58 - Fixed: AI targeting laser designated targets improved.

1.58 - Fixed: AI Airplane maneuvering when aiming significantly improved.

1.57 - Fixed: Switching streetlamps took often too long. This was especially visible when starting mission.

1.57 - Fixed: Default network port changed (2234 -> 2302) due to compatibility with DirectPlay 9

1.57 - Fixed: When one sound with no pauses is played in CfgSFX, it is now correctly looped.

1.57 - Improved: Identified killed in player group doesn't appear in next missions in campaign

1.56 - Changed: CfgMusic no longer requires "tracks" list. This makes music addons easier to use.

1.56 - Improved: Ingame UI - icons in unit list

1.56 - New: When player is kicked off or banned, specific message is shown.

1.56 - Fixed: More robust handling of addons missing on client.

1.56 - Improved: New algorithm for removing bodies in MP game

1.56 - Added: function cheatsEnabled

1.56 - Added: function cameraOn

- Added: functions deleteStatus, deleteIdentity

1.55 - Fixed: Save of motorcycles fixed

1.55 - Fixed: Save of cars fixed

1.55 - Fixed: Soldiers now climb ladders fasters.

1.55 - Fixed: MP - when mission was voted repeatedly, all players was green (even when didn't vote yet)

1.55 - Changed: All radio traffic that is done in mission init is now processed before the mission starts, expect for messages transmitted via xxxRadio and xxxChat scripting commands.

1.54 - Fixed: Jeep with machine gun shows ammo count.

1.53 - Added: new version of say: <object> say [<sound>, <maxTitlesDistance>]

1.53 - Added: mission editor - buttons "Show IDs" and "Show Textures"

1.53 - Fixed: Geometry used for walking is now also deformed during object destruction deformation.

1.53 - New: Autocomplete for mission editor fields and chat (use Tab key to complete).

1.53 - Fixed: When satchel charge was placed under some walkable surface, it appeared on top of it.

1.53 - New: Bridge supported as part of road network.

1.53 - New: Scripting function <time> setRain <rain_density>.

1.53 - Fixed: Addons could make main config unusable by omitting base class of redefined class.

1.53 - Fixed: Barrel destruction effect type changed.

1.53 - Fixed: Kill/damage message have now higher priority - this should improve latency on kill.

1.53 - Fixed: Bandwidth estimation on dedicated server

1.53 - Fixed: Min and MaxBadwidth were understood as if given in Bytes per second (Bps). Accordingly to documentation and general understanding it should be bits per second (bps).

1.53 - Fixed: AI units when both Engage at will and Hold fire were given.

1.52 - Changed: Fog density is not dependent on setviewdistance for fog>0.4

1.52 - Added: Support for multiple types of forests on single island

1.52 - Fixed: Units sometimes aimed into air when searching for unknown target.

1.52 - Fixed: AI perceived volume of helicopters and planes was too low.

1.52 - Fixed: Soldiers sometimes turned their head around completely.

1.52 - New: All men are now interested in what is happening around them.

1.52 - Fixed: Improved tank driver reactions for turning commands.

1.52 - Fixed: Damage alarm was still functional in some fully destroyed vehicles.

1.52 - Fixed: Mouse cursor was sometimes lost in tank commander optics view.

1.52 - Fixed: When gamemaster disconnect from server during mission selection, server was in bad state.

1.52 - Fixed: Bad position of last soldier when inserting group

1.51 - Fixed: Vehicle crew "Fire" command is now higher priority than reporting enemies messages.

1.51 - Fixed: Improved vehicle/group radio channel interleaving.

1.51 - Fixed: Target reporting often did not work, especially when using binoculars.

1.51 - Added: Additional program parameter: -mod

1.50 - Fixed: Grenades do not fly through glass.

1.50 - Added: Can choose DirectPlay / Sockets MP implementation at run time.

1.50 - Fixed: Mission editor - list of markers is not longer in default settings for newly added units.

1.50 - Changed: Multiplayer assignment screens reworked

1.50 - Fixed: Landscape texture size in preferences was ignored, Object texture settings was used instead.

1.50 - Fixed: When session was lost, client doesn't fully escape from game to basic multiplayer screen

1.50 - Added: Label of waypoint in mission editor contains name of group leader

1.50 - Fixed: Water surface normals were reversed. As a result, water was drawn too dark.

1.50 - Added: Enable different fonts for titles

1.50 - Added: It is now possible to issue watch command from map interface using left ALT key and click.

1.50 - New: Scripting language hiding rules changed. User defined variables now hide functions with identical name. This ensures old scripts / conditions will certainly work even when new functions conflict with names of existing variables.

1.50 - Fixed: Dead player (sea-gull) can communicate only on global channel

1.50 - Fixed: When setViewDistance is used to increase visible range, tanks did not adjust their IR detector range accordingly.

1.50 - Improved: side chat channel selected when entering briefing screen

1.50 - Fixed: Better visible bullet tracers for ZSU and Vulcan.

1.50 - New: AI uses crouch position in some situations.

1.50 - Improved: Multiplayer screen design

1.50 - Fixed: Multiple AI units asked "Where are you" same time.

1.50 - Optimized: Memory usage during save-game is now lower.

1.50 - Added: tooltips for UI controls

1.50 - Fixed: Minor visual bug in AI soldier turning animation interpolation.

1.50 - Changed: Error "No entry in config" no longer exits game. This makes mission editing easier in case of misspelled class names.

1.50 - Change: First warning during each mission is shown. Only first warning after game was launched was shown before.

1.50 - Fixed: Memory leak on dedicated server during night time (when lights are on).

1.50 - New: Specular highlight material support added for HW T&L.

1.50 - Fixed: MP: Collisions of predicted remote vehicle caused excessive data transfers.

1.48 - Fixed: Incorrect texture source (like JPG file not loaded) caused shutdown. Warning message is shown instead.

1.47 - Fixed: Server crashed when very large squad.xml was loaded.

1.47 - Improved: Chat message priority increased when mission is not running. This should help when chatting during mission transfers.

1.47 - Fixed: Config verification checks have increased priority to avoid timeouts during mission transfer.

1.47 - Fixed: Different number of cargo slot could crash server or client in MP.

1.47 - Fixed: Taking weapon from cargo space could crash dedicated server.

1.47 - New: Player ID now displayed in server console when player is connected.

1.47 - New: Mouseless control scheme possible. Aiming may be assigned to joystick buttons or keyboard.