Why are music or voice sounds looping in OFP: Resistance?

Several players are reporting that the music or speech voices  in OFP: Resistance get stuck in a loop. The sound plays for about two seconds, pauses for about half a second and then repeats. This happens during cutscenes and in the game itself.

Some players resolved this problem by downloading the latest drivers for their motherboards, BIOS programs, video and sound cards.

OFP player Danko says he solved his sound loop problem on his PC which has an AC97 motherboard with an onboard sound chipset. He went into Windows' Control Panel and chose Sounds and Multimedia. Then he clicked on  Sound Playback under the Audio tab and checked the Game Compatible checkbox. It worked for him and for his friend with a similar system.

Other players claim they resolved the problem by reducing their sound card's hardware acceleration settings.

Found another solution? Can't resolve the problem. Avon would like to hear about it.