Does OFP have any barren desert scenery?

OFP includes a small island, called the desert training island but it's not very impressive. The training island is completely empty of foliage and buildings and is rather a bore (though there are some good user made missions designed for the training island).

However, there are now player-made desert versions of two of OFP's islands, Everon and Malden.


Desert Everon 1 and 2

Zwadar has created two modified version of Everon island, appropriately named Desert Everon 1 and Desert Everon 2. There are no green pastures to be found on Desert Everon.

In Desert Everon 1, most foliage and all the forests have been changed to large boulders and all of Everon's towns and structures are still there.

In Desert Everon 2, the desert texture has been improved. There's a limited amount of scrub brush around and much fewer boulders than in Desert Everon 1. All of Everon's structures have been changed to desert style buildings in Desert Everon 2.

You should be able to find and download Zwadar's Desert Everon addons from one of the popular OFP editing sites.

While you're at it, check out my Powder-Dry Rollon Pack for the Desert Everon 1 addon. You can easily adapt the Powder-Dry Rollon Pack's missions for use with Desert Everon 2 by renaming the mission file suffixes from zwaeden_desert.pbo to zwa_desert_eden.pbo.


Desert Malden

OFP Editing Center's master addon maker, SelectThis, has introduced a desert version of Malden Island. The Desert Malden Island addon includes desert camouflage uniforms for soldiers of all three sides: NATO, Russia and the resistance. Try downloading it from Kegetys' site, from ATWAR's addon terrain page, from PitViper's OFP downloads page or from OFP CZ's island download page.

When SelectThis created Desert Malden Island, he modified the town names from OFP's original name to increase the feeling of playing on a different island rather than just a revised version of the original Malden. For your reference, SelectThis provided me with the following cross reference list of old and new town names:

Original Name New Name
Saint Louis Arkasar
Larche Kzyl-Oeli
La Trinite Kurgan
Goisse Aktau
La Pessagne Chardabad
Vigny Samar-Tash
Houdan Buk
Sainte Marie Bishmak
Chapoi Ust-Ata
Le Port Fort Kalzhsk
Cancon Umba
La Riviere Saran-Orda
Arudy Gazd
Dourdan Nova'sk


Water! Water!

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